Two suspected Pattaya drug dealers arrested and 2,000 Yabba Tablets seized

Two suspected drug dealers and 2,000 Yabba Tablets were seized in a drug suppression operation conducted by Banglamung Police on Friday Night.

Police Colonel Somnook, the Banglamung Police Chief held a press conference to announce the arrest of Khun Jirasak aged 28 and Khun Pansa aged 22. They were caught as the result of an earlier arrest of a female drug dealing suspect named as Khun Jirawan aged 23, the wife of a convicted drug dealer currently incarcerated at Rayong Central Prison. It appears he is still controlling his drug supply network from behind bars and according to the Colonel he uses his wife to control the operation from outside the Prison.

Under interrogation she named the two arrested suspects as drug dealers working for her Husband and Police organized an undercover operation whereby they lured the pair to the front of the Tamasat University Pattaya Campus on Friday Night where an undercover officer attempted to purchase the 2,000 Yabba Tablets.

The two suspects realized it was a trap and sped off with Police in hot pursuit. Eventually a Police vehicle was able to force the fleeing pair to stop their vehicle which led to the arrest and the seizure of the tablets and four mobile phones. Both were charged with serious class 1 drug offences and await trial.

30 Million Baht drug raid in Rayong Province

Police in Rayong seized a substantial amount of class 1 drugs and arrested five suspected drug dealers in an early morning raid on Wednesday. The operation was led by Police Colonel Tanasak, the Superintendent of Grang Police Station in Rayong. The location of the raid was a house at the Keihar Wunglar Village in Grang District. On the ground floor, the owner of a convenience store was the first to be arrested. Four men on the second floor were also detained pending a search which uncovered 132,250 Yabba Tablets, 1.6kgs of Crystal Methamphetamine and a loaded firearm along with 24,000 Baht in cash. The drugs have a street value of approximately 30 Million Baht. Bank Books were also seized with over 20 Million Baht’s worth of credits and debits within the last month. Khun Chatchai aged 27, one of the arrestees revealed to Police that his older brother Khun Nopadon was currently incarcerated at Rayong Central Prison relating to drug dealing offences. Khun Chatchai was simply continuing his elder brothers activities on his behalf. All suspects are facing serious class 1 drug charges which carry a maximum penalty of death by lethal injection if convicted in Court.

Facebook drug dealing suspect caught by Pattaya Police

A suspected drug dealer who used Facebook to set-up appointments with buyers has been arrested by Banglamung Police. 1.7kgs of Crystal Methamphetamine and two firearms were seized along with other assets thought to have been purchased with the proceeds of selling drugs. Police Lieutenant General Panya, Region 2 Police Commissioner, led a press conference at the Police Station on Wednesday Afternoon and announced the arrest of Khun Wichanart aged 28. Facebook messages were intercepted by Police who determined a drugs delivery was about to take place on the Sukhumvit Road in Central Pattaya. Police arrived and arrested the suspect, who arrived in his White Honda Jazz and was in possession of 1kg of the class 1 drug and a pump-action shotgun. He was then taken to his room in Soi Beokeow where a further 700g of the drug was seized along with a handgun and drug-taking paraphernalia. A further man, not present at the press conference, and in possession of a gun was also arrested at the room and was taken straight to prison. Khun Wichanart claimed he had been hired to distribute large quantities of Crystal Methamphetamine on behalf of an incarcerated agent at Rayong Central Prison. Further investigations are under-way to catch other members of this drug distribution network

Navy Narcotics Unit arrest drug suspects and seize drugs in Sattahip District

The Royal Thai Navy Narcotics Unit arrested a number of suspected drug dealers in two separate operations early on Thursday Morning.
The first case occurred at 5.30am and led to the arrest of two suspected drug dealers and the seizure of 675 Yabba Tablets and 4.92g of Crystal Methamphetamine. The two suspects, Khun Wang aged 29 and Khun Ankanar aged 27 were arrested in Sattahip District close to the border with Rayong Province and were found to be working for an inmate at Rayong Central Prison, who would take orders for drugs and send his couriers to the customers.
The second case occurred at 8am and began with the raid of a rented room in the Plu Ta Luang area, close to Pattaya. Inside Officers arrested Khun Tongchai aged 39 and Khun Suwit aged 45 and seized 200 Yabba Tablets and 9g of Crystal Methamphetamine along with a loaded firearm. Both men had been tracked by officers for some time and were selling drugs in the Maptaput Industrial area in Rayong Province.
In both cases, the suspects were transferred to Sattahip Police Station for further processing.

Father and Son drug dealing suspects caught by Sattahip Narcotics Unit

Narcotics Officers arrested a suspected drug dealer in the early hours of Monday, who is believed to be controlled by an inmate at Rayong Central Prison. Officers from the Royal Thai Navy Narcotics Unit, with the assistance of an informant, contacted the suspected dealer, Khun Salan aged 32, who was asked to provide 200 Yabba Tablets for a price of 20,000 Baht, which were marked bank notes and were handed over in an exchange at a Motel in the Plu Ta Luang area, close to Pattaya. With guns drawn, Khun Salan was arrested and the money in his possession was confirmed as the money used in the operation which was exchanged for the drugs. Khun Salan was led to his rented room in Rayong where a further 200 Yabba Tablets were found hidden inside a Rice Cooker. Also in the room was Khun Salan’s father, Khun Boonsee aged 65, who is a self-confessed drug addict and was later found to be under the influence of drugs. He was charged with possession of a class 1 drug with intent to sell whereas his Son was charged with the more serious offense of class 1 drug distribution. The Father and Son are being held on remand pending Court proceedings.

Two inmate-controlled drug dealing suspects caught by Police in Pattaya

Banglamung Police arrested two suspected drug dealers in East & North Pattaya in the early hours of Saturday who appear to have been controlled by a prison inmate. Police Colonel Somnook announced the arrest of Khun Satit aged 31 following an undercover operation in North Pattaya. He was caught with 22.89g of Crystal Methamphetamine, commonly known as “Ice” and revealed his supplier was Khun Git aged 30 who lived at the Happy Apartments in Soi Nong Get Yai. Police conducted a further undercover operation and he was caught with 150 Yabba Tablets and a firearm. Both men were under the control of an inmate at Rayong Central Prison who had been controlling the sale of drugs to teenagers in the Pattaya and Banglamung areas for many years, according to the arrestees. Investigations into the inmate continue.

78,000 Yabba Tablets seized and drug courier suspect arrested by Rayong Police

Police in nearby Rayong Province have arrested a major illegal drug courier thought to have been operating around the Eastern Seaboard. Police Lieutenant General Panya, the Region 2 Police Commissioner held a press conference at the Nikhom Pattana Police Station on Wednesday to announce the arrest of Khun Palop aged 27 and the seizure of 78,000 Yabba Tablets, 2 firearms, a car and a motorbike. The General explained that on 11th December, officers had received information of a delivery of drugs which were due to be made in the area. The suspected drug courier was intercepted and found to be in possession of 6,000 Yabba Tablets. He was taken to his home where a further 72,000 tablets were found along with the two firearms. Khun Palop revealed he had been released form Rayong Central Prison 3 years ago and while inside he made contact with convicted drug dealers who persuaded him to distribute drugs upon his release. He would be paid 30,000 Baht for every successful delivery and had been distributing drugs around the region for more than 1 year. Due to the amount of drugs seized, the maximum penalty of death by lethal injection could be given, if he is found guilty in Court.

Two suspected drug dealers caught by Sriracha Police

Two suspected drug dealers who are supplied through an inmate at Rayong Central Prison were arrested by Sriracha Police on Thursday evening. Police Colonel Wittaya, Chief of Sriracha Police explained a search warrant had been issued for a house in Srriacha, occupied by Khun Komsan aged 24 and his wife Khun Farpailin of the same age. They were suspected of receiving consignments of 2,000 Yabba Tablets at a time which were sent on to other dealers in the Sriracha and Pattaya areas. Inside the couple’s house, Police found 1,307 Yabba Tablets and 32.3g of Crystal Methamphetamine, commonly known as “Ice”. Bank books were also seized and indicated hundreds of credits and withdrawals over a short period of time totaling more than 1 Million Baht, .which is more evidence of suspected drug dealing. The Prison Inmate has also been charged over the incident and is expected to receive many years onto his sentence if convicted in Court.


Two men attempting to send drugs and phones to Rayong Prison, intercepted by Police

Two men attempting to transport drugs and mobile telephones to Rayong Central Prison were intercepted by Police close to Pattaya on Thursday. Huoy Yai Police received information that a donation of two refrigeration units were being made to the High Security Prison in Rayong and hidden inside the units were drugs and mobile phones which were to be used by inmates. Officers went to a house in the Kow Mae Geow area and arrested two men, Khun Tanwar aged 43 and Khun Wiragrit of the same age. At the front of the house was a truck with two refrigerators on the back. They were checked and hidden inside were 300 Yabba Tablets, 4g of Crystal Methamphetamine and 50 mobile phones. The two men were also found in possession of a loaded handgun. At the Police Station they revealed that for a fee of 10,000 Baht they were scheduled to deliver the items to Rayong Prison late on Thursday. A joint investigation by the Police and Prison Service is continuing.