Foreigner threatened with gun and assaulted on Pattaya Beach

A foreigner was threatened with a gun on Pattaya Beach early on Sunday Morning after he was spotted by the Thai gun owner with his former girlfriend.

The incident occurred on Pattaya Beach in front of Soi Pattayaland 13/1 and led to the arrest of Khun Somsak aged 26 who was caught with a 9mm handgun. The gun was not loaded and Khun Somsak was not carrying any ammunition. Khun Somsak’s brother known only as “Op”, who was also involved in an assault on the foreign man, was able to escape before Police arrived.

Although the unnamed foreigner decided not report the case at Pattaya Police Station, officers arrested Khun Somsak and seized the unregistered firearm.

Khun Somsak revealed how he was on Pattaya Beach with a group of friends and came down to see the second night of the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival and drink with his friends. He spotted his former girlfriend, who he claims, works as a prostitute on Pattaya Beach, and was not happy with the way the foreign man was apparently groping her. Khun Somsak and his brother approached and hit the foreign man before Khun Somsak produced the firearm and held it to the foreigners head.

Khun Somsak was later charged with possession and unlawful use of an unregistered firearm in a public place and is currently on-remand pending Court proceedings.

British Man drugged and robbed by Beach Prostitute at South Pattaya Hotel

A 69 year old British National was allegedly drugged and robbed inside his South Pattaya Hotel Room while his Thai Wife had returned to her village for a couple of days. Before she left she spoke with the Hotel maid and asked her to report back should he take another person into his room as she suspected he would meet other women when the pair were not together.

Police were called to the Apex Hotel on Second Road in South Pattaya on Thursday afternoon after hotel staff had found Mr. Alan Basham from Crayford in England, lying unconscious on his bed. Close to the bed were cups of instant coffee and a packet of sleeping tablets with 8 out of the 10 tablets not present.

Police estimate at least 20,000 Baht in cash was taken from the room by his temporary companion, whose name and age is known. Khun Jidapa aged 48 was forced to leave her Thai ID card on reception before she was allowed to the room and she left in a hurry, forgetting she had left the card on reception.

The ID Card is now in the hands of Police who believe she works as a prostitute on Pattaya Beach. Mr. Basham’s wife has been informed and is on her way back from her trip to the village to be with her Husband who is currently recovering from the effects of the medication at the Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Suspect in drugging and robbery case of Bangladesh Rotarians caught by Pattaya Police

Police have now arrested the female suspect accused of drugging and robbing three Rotarians from Bangladesh who visited Pattaya for a day following a Rotary Conference in Bangkok. In a joint operation involving Pattaya Police and Pattaya’s Tourist Police, officers conducted a raid of a rented room in Soi Bongkot in Central Pattaya following a tip-off the suspect lived there. Inside the room was Khun Maree aged 33 who bared a striking resemblance to the woman seen in CCTV pictures, leaving the men’s room on the night of the incident. Also found inside her room were the clothes she was seen wearing on the video images. Khun Maree revealed how she met one of the men in front of Royal Garden Plaza on Pattaya Beach. She stressed to him that she was not a prostitute but was offered 800 Baht to accompany the man back to his Hotel room. She accepted the money and went to the Bella Express Hotel, leaving a stolen Thai ID Card on reception. Inside the room were the two other Bangladeshi’s and the group began to drink together. The men became more intoxicated as the night progressed and the men allegedly surrounded Khun Maree and began biting her and suggested a group sex session should follow. Khun Maree claimed she was scared and happened to have sleeping tablets inside her bag. She laced all the drinks with the medication, including hers by mistake and everyone fell asleep. Khun Maree claims she was the first to wake up and decided to steal items from the room while the others continued to sleep. When told that one of the men had died, she was shocked and told Police she had no intention to harm anyone. Police recorded her version of events and for now, Khun Maree has been charged with murder, theft and other charges relating to the case which will be heard in Court next week. 

Another 58 people arrested by Police on Pattaya Beach

A further 58 people were arrested on Pattaya Beach in the early hours of Friday as Police made-good on their promise to clear Pattaya Beach of prostitutes and others who may be up to no-good to show incoming tourists to Pattaya that the beach is a safe place to go at night. On this occasion only women and transsexuals were arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station. Once again they were told to pay small fines and were then released with a warning from Police that they will continue to arrest them if they ignore their orders not to situate themselves in the area.

Iranian arrested by Pattaya Tourist Police in human trafficking case

Pattaya’s Tourist Police arrested one member of a human trafficking gang on Sunday Night accused of luring eastern European women to Pattaya to work in massage parlors. However, when they arrived in Pattaya they were told to work as Prostitutes and if they refused they would allegedly be assaulted or even raped. The case began with the arrest of Mr. Jassem Mohammad Abdulla Almazoree aged 33 from Iran following information from a number of Uzbekistan women who accused Mr. Almazoree and a further 6 Iranians of bringing them to Pattaya. Their passports were confiscated by the Iranian Gang who would take commission of 1,000 Baht from each woman following each paid sexual encounter. Police Lieutenant Colonel Arun, the Inspector-in-Charge of Pattaya’s Tourist Police led his officers to the front of Royal Garden Plaza on Pattaya Beach where they arrested Mr. Almazoree who then accompanied Police to Niran Grand Condo in Soi Arunothai where the Uzbekistani women were staying. They identified Mr. Almazoree as one of the alleged Human Trafficking gang members. He was later charged over the incident and Police are currently searching for the other gang members who are currently at-large.

42 Beach Prostitutes rounded-up by Pattaya Police

Pattaya’s Social Order Crackdown continues with yet more arrests on Pattaya Beach in the early hours of Wednesday. Police took a stroll from the Northern end of the beach to the entrance of Walking Street in South Pattaya and on-the-way picked up 42 suspected prostitutes, a mixture of women and transsexuals. The effectiveness of the crackdown is in doubt as Police reported that each person was fined 100 Baht for loitering on the beach and less than 1 hour after being taken off the beach, they all returned to carry on with whatever they were doing in the first-place.

Frenchman arrested in Pattaya Police Drug dealing sting in Central Pattaya

Pattaya Police arrested a suspected French Drug Dealer in Central Pattaya which was followed by the arrest of two further drug suspects at the same location based on information provided by the French suspect. Pattaya Police were aware of the French Suspect who allegedly sold a quantity of class 1 drugs to an undercover Police Officer armed with marked bank notes. Evidence seized from Mr. Vincent Philipot aged 39 includes 0.57g of Crystal Methamphetamine, commonly known as “Ice” and a device commonly used to ingest the drug. He provided information about a Thai Woman who he claimed also sold drugs. She was lured to the front of a convenience store located close to Mr. Philipot’s room and allegedly sold a quantity of “Ice” to an operative. Khun Supakson aged 31, who works as a prostitute on Pattaya Beach, was then taken to her room where her Thai boyfriend, Khun Gampon aged 32, was found inside and he later failed a urine test back at the Police Station. All three were charged with class 1 drug offences and will appear in Court later this week.

Ugandan prostitutes rounded up in Pattaya

In change from the usual Uzbekistani prostitutes, officers from the Child and Women Protection Unit of Police Region 2 organised an undercover operation which eventually netted seven females from Uganda. All seven, aged between 22 and 42, were later charged with selling themselves in exchange for cash. The operation was set up with an undercover operative using marked banknotes to lure three of the ladies of ample girth to a hotel near Walking Street around midnight on Wednesday. When the trio arrived at the hotel, they were immediately arrested and taken back to the Soi 9 police station where they admitted to earning most of their income on their backs. The trio said they were part of a larger group of like-minded individuals from Uganda, and four more of their number were probably sitting inside a beer bar complex on Walking Street looking for customers. The police made their way back to Walking Street and didn’t have much trouble finding the other four Ugandan females. They were arrested and carted off to join their compatriots back at the station. The group didn’t look too perturbed at being caught.

Pattaya Tourist Police shut-down underage prostitution service

Tourist Police have arrested two people in connection with an underage prostitution service, operating in Pattaya. One of those arrested was the mother of a 14 year old who was being sold to foreign customers for sex, in exchange for cash. Officers from the Tourist Police Undercover Unit, based in North Pattaya were made aware of a woman who was attempting to sell sexual services to foreigners and claimed to be in a position where she could offer a 14 year old girl to them in exchange for 1,500 Baht. An undercover operation was set up using marked bank notes. The 14 year old girl was detained for her own safety and initially a 26 year old woman, Khun Pantipar, was arrested and claimed she was told by the child’s mother, Khun Giraporn aged 28, to send her to a customer, who was in fact working with the Tourist Police. Khun Giraporn, who lives in Rayong Province, was asked to attend and initially denied she had sent her daughter to foreigners for the purposes of sex. She later confessed and claimed she needed money to pay for bail relating to a case of suspected theft of watches from a shop where she used to work at the Royal Garden Plaza in South Pattaya. At this point she decided to use her daughter to obtain money and this was the second occasion when the girl had sex with someone in exchange for cash, although she had been reportedly raped when she was 9 years old by a cousin and then dropped out of school as a result. Police have arrested Khun Pantipar and will build a case against the girls mother in due course. The girl has been taken into care.

Nine Uzbekistani Prostitutes arrested by Police in Jomtien

Uzbekistani Prostitutes have been operating here in Pattaya for many years. Occasionally they are rounded-up and prosecuted as was the case on Thursday Evening. On this occasion the Pawina Foundation based in Bangkok was contacted by an Uzbekistani woman who claimed she was brought to Thailand under false pretences and claims she did not want to be a prostitute and ran away to Bangkok from Pattaya. She revealed the women were controlled by well-organized gangs who will often mistreat them if they are unable to provide sufficient income. Khun Pawina, the head of the foundation was joined by officers from the Anti-Human Trafficking Division, the Child and Women Protection Unit and Immigration from Bangkok at the Jomtien Plaza Condo where many of the Uzbekistan workers were known to be staying. A total of 9 females were arrested including Miss Feruza Yakubova aged 46, who was named by the original complainant as the agent who controls the foreign workers. 

Suspected Agent for Sex Workers arrested by Police in Jomtien

Police from the Anti-Human Trafficking Division arrested a 30 year old woman accused of providing women to foreigners for the purposes of sex. Officers used a foreigner posing as a customer to make contact with Khun Pagapan, who was asked to provide two women who were lured to a Hotel in Soi 7 off Jomtien Beach Road. The main target and two women, aged 20 and 18 arrived and Khun Pagapan was given 3,000 Baht in marked bank notes. As soon as the transaction was complete and it was determined the women would provide the undercover operative with sexual services, Police moved in and arrested all three women and took them to Dongtan Police Sub-Station on Jomtien Beach. Khun Pagapan confessed to providing women to foreigners on a regular basis and would take between 500 and 700 Baht in commission from the sex workers. She also revealed that she would often provide females as young as 15 years old depending on the customer’s requirements. The two alleged prostitutes were charged as was the alleged agent who is likely to face a variety of charges relating to the case.

Turkish Tourist drugged and robbed by Pattaya Beach Prostitute

A drowsy Turkish tourist was brought into Pattaya Police Station in the early hours of Thursday Morning after he was reportedly drugged and robbed by a prostitute working on Pattaya Beach who joined him at his hotel room. Mr. Vedat Kelek aged 52 was accompanied by friends and met with Police who were told that Mr. Kelek met the woman and it was agreed that the pair would go back to his room at the Sabai Wing Hotel in Soi 1 off Pattaya Beach Road. During sexual intercourse, Mr. Kelek was offered a glass of water and soon fell unconscious and woke-up some hours later to find that 5,000 Baht in cash, 150 Euros and 200 Us Dollars along with a top-of-the-range mobile phone was stolen from his room. Police will now check security camera footage at the Hotel and warned the group of the dangers associated with taking strangers back to their rooms, especially if valuable items are not secured.

Mother accused of selling her 14 year old daughter to foreigners for sex

A Mother accused of selling her 14 year old daughter to foreigners for the purposes of engaging in sexual activities, has been arrested by officers from the Child and Women Protection Unit for Police Region 2. An undercover operation, using a foreign operative armed with marked bank notes took place in front of the Carrefour Shopping Center in Central Pattaya on Thursday Night whereby 2,000 Baht was handed over to Khun Jantidar aged 29 with the intention of exchanging the money for her 14 year old daughter. Both recently came from Srisaget Province to Pattaya and intended to raise money to build a new family home in the North-Eastern Province. Khun Jantidar claims her daughter was more than willing to become a prostitute to assist in raising money and the girl later revealed in questioning that she had already slept with 3 foreign customers prior to Thursday Night. At the Police Station Khun Jantidar denied forcing her daughter to have sex with foreigners but was nonetheless charged with organizing the illegal liaisons. The child was handed over to Child Protection Officials and Khun Jantidar was locked up at Pattaya Police Station pending a court appearance.

Two Indian tourists drugged and robbed following night out in South Pattaya

Two Indian Tourists were allegedly drugged and robbed by a Prostitute picked-up from Walking Street in South Pattaya in the early hours of Tuesday Morning. Just after 10.30 in the morning two Indian occupants of an apartment at the Markland Condominium in Soi 1 off Pattaya Beach Road awoke to find cash and valuables had been taken by the woman while the two men lay unconscious on their beds after they had consumed beer suspected of being laced with crushed sleeping tablets. Police were called and met with Mr. Shiv Shambu aged 44 and Mr. Pramod Kumar aged 37, who were sharing the same room and intended to share the same woman who they met on Walking Street and invited back to their apartment. The suspect is thought to have stolen a total of 90,000 Baht in cash and an expensive wrist watch. A Security Camera located above the main elevator at the Condominium was found not to be working which will make it difficult for Pattaya Police to apprehend the woman who is likely to re-offend.

Woman allegedly selling her 16 year old niece to foreigners for sex, caught by Pattaya Police

A woman, who is allegedly selling her 16 year old niece to foreigners for the purposes of sex has been arrested by Region 2 Police. Officers from the Child and Women Protection Unit based at Banglamung Police Station organized an undercover operation late on Wednesday Night outside the Carrefour Shopping Center in Central Pattaya. An operative, armed with marked bank notes, handed over 2,000 Baht to Khun Samien aged 35 who promised to take him to a room where the girl was waiting. Instead, Police moved in and escorted her to the Porn House Apartments in Soi Arunothai 2, close to the shopping Center where the 16 year old girl was waiting. Khun Samien was taken to Pattaya Police Station and later charged with prostitution offences after she explained that she used to work in the bar industry here in Pattaya but returned to her home in Satgeow Province to work in the construction industry. She recently returned to Pattaya with her Niece with a plan to offer the girl to foreigners. This was reportedly the first time she had attempted to offer her niece to foreigners. The parents of the girl were contacted and summoned to the Police Station to explain why their daughter was involved in this illegal activity.