Pattaya Police Officer critically injured in road crash

A Pattaya Police Officer is currently fighting for his life following a road accident involving a coach and the officer’s motorbike.

Just before 6.30pm on Friday, Police and rescue services were called to the scene of the crash in Soi Huay Yai in the Eastern outskirts of Pattaya. Lying underneath the front of a coach was Police Senior Sergeant Major Pichaert who was reportedly travelling to Pattaya Police Station where he was about to start his Evening shift.

He collided with the front of a coach operated by the First Transport Company and driven by Khun Gorawit. The coach was initiating a right-hand turn into a side-road leading to an elephant park where he was due to pick-up a group of Chinese Tourists. As he started the turn, the Police Officer was travelling in the opposing lane and struck the front of the coach as it made the turn.

The coach driver claimed the Police Officer was travelling at a high rate of speed whereas witnesses stated the opposite and claimed the coach driver failed to see the approaching motorbike and initiated the right-hand turn without checking for oncoming traffic.

Police are currently investigating the crash further and the coach driver was arrested at the scene pending the outcome of the investigation.

Police Senior Sergeant Pichaert was rushed to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya where he remains in a critical condition at time of publication.

Motorbike theft at Esarn Pub in North Pattaya

A night out at an Isaan Style Pub in North Pattaya ended badly for a 21 year old woman early on Wednesday Morning who had her motorbike stolen by an amorous male patron.

Khun Fungfar aged 21 met friends at the Tamnan Esarn Pub in Soi Petragoon in North Pattaya. Inside she met a man, Khun Anon aged 20 who approached her and the pair became close. As she left she was followed out of the pub by Khun Anon who asked if she could take him home on her bike. She refused and within a split-second the keys to the bike were snatched from her hand. He then drove off on the Pink Honda Scooby.

Khun Fungfar was assisted by security guards at the Pub who saw the direction the bike went and coordinated with Police who were able to intercept the vehicle and arrest the suspected thief on Pattaya Third Road.

All those concerned in the case went to Pattaya Police Station where Khun Anon was charged with auto-theft.


National Police Chief visits Walking Street and Pattaya Police Station

The National Police Chief, Police General Adul, was in Pattaya on Tuesday and began the day at a National Police meeting at the Zign Hotel in North Pattaya. On Tuesday Night, as part of his commitment to make Pattaya a safer place for Tourists and residents, he conducted a visit of Walking Street which is Pattaya’s designated Tourist Safety Zone.

The General was welcomed to the street by Pattaya’s Tourist Police who are responsible for tourist safety there in the evenings. As part of the General’s commitment to Tourist Safety he encouraged the Tourist Police and Immigration Police based in Pattaya to take a more active role in dealing with crimes involving Tourists.

The General then moved onto Pattaya Police Station which has a new Superintendent following a well-documented poor performance from the previous Superintendent who was transferred to another post after being in the position for a matter of months. The General was given a tour of the station including the radio room where the General suggested a link should be established with the CCTV operation center based at Pattaya City Hall to allow Police to become aware of incidents as they happen and be in a position to use the CCTV system to collect evidence of crimes.

The General was also shown how the Foreign Police Volunteers based at Pattaya Police Station assist the Police in communicating with foreign tourists who are able to deal with any communication problems and break-down any language barriers.

Overall the General was pleased with what he saw but knows there is room for improvement and he wants to see changes made before the Festive Season begins.

Police “driver” caught with unregistered firearm in South Pattaya

A man who claimed he is a driver for the wife of a senior Police Office in Supanburi Province was arrested by Region 2 Police in South Pattaya late on Tuesday Night.
Police were made aware of a White Mitsubishi Pajero which featured the logo of the Royal Thai Police on the driver and passenger door. There was no license plate on the rear of the vehicle and a red plate on the front.

The vehicle was parked outside of a Gentleman’s Club on the Pratamnuk Hill. Officers waited for the driver to emerge from the club at which point he was approached by officers who wanted to conduct a search of the vehicle. The driver and registered owner of the vehicle, Khun Mai aged 42, claimed he worked as a driver for the wife of a Police Lieutenant Colonel who works for Police in Supanburi Province, located 100kms North-West of Bangkok and was in Pattaya on holiday.

A 38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver and 11 bullets were found in the glove compartment which Khun Mai claimed belonged to the Police Officers wife. No license for the firearm could be produced and the man was taken to Pattaya Police Station where he was charged with possession of a unregistered firearm in a public place.

Investigations continue at this time and Region 2 Police are now in contact with the apparent owner of the weapon and her Husband while Khun Mai remains incarcerated at Pattaya Police Station for now.

Gun found on Pattaya Beach during routine late-night Transsexual round-up

Pattaya Police along with Pattaya Police Volunteers conducted a routine round-up of transsexuals early on Monday Morning which led to a less-than-routine discovery of a handgun with ammunition on the beach.

20 transsexuals were arrested after the Police team conducted a sweep of Pattaya Beach from the Dusit Thani Resort in North Pattaya up to the entrance of Walking Street in South Pattaya.

Some officers were checking Pattaya Beach for any items that may have been concealed such as drugs but what they found in a brown paper bag came as a surprise.

Placed underneath one of the trees on the beach was a bag containing a gun and two cartridges. The owner of the firearm could not be determined so the item was seized and taken to Pattaya Police Station along with the transsexuals who were fined 100 Baht each for loitering.

Further investigations into the firearm are ongoing at this time but for now its owner has yet to be found.

Illegal Casino in Central Pattaya shut-down by Police

An illegal casino situated in a commercial building in Central Pattaya, which had been running for some time, has now been shut-down by Pattaya Police.

A tip-off about the Casino was received by Police who planned an operation to shut-down the Casino which was located in a commercial building close to the Niran Grand Condo in Soi Arunothai in Central Pattaya. Officers had to approach with caution as the building was fitted with CCTV to alter gamblers to anyone suspicious approaching the building.

The operation, which took place at 4am on Wednesday, was a success and led to the arrest of 10 people, all Pattaya Taxi drivers, who were taken to Pattaya Police Station along with seized items from the makeshift Casino, including game-boards, dice, decks of cards and some money.

All 10 are facing charges of gambling which is an offence in Thailand.

South Pattaya Beer Bar raided by Police after underage sex worker sting

An undercover operation by Region 2 Police on a small Beer Bar in South Pattaya, thought to be offering minors for sex to their customers, took place early on Tuesday Morning.

Offices from the Police Region 2 Child and Women Protection Unit along with the Anti-Human Trafficking Division were made aware of the bar in South Pattaya which had been reportedly offering girls to foreign customers who would pay money in exchange for sexual services.

Using a foreign operative armed with marked bank notes, the operation took place at the Friendly Beer Bar where he allegedly handed over 2,000 Baht in exchange for sexual services with a 16 year old girl who was working there.

As soon as the money was handed over the operative took the girl to the JV Place Guest House and to room number 101 where female officers were waiting inside. The rest of the Police team converged on the bar and arrested the bar owner Khun Princhar aged 40 and the cashier Khun Suganyar aged 38. Two other girls aged 16 were found at the bar and the entire group were taken to Pattaya Police Station for further questioning.

The young girls claimed they had come to work at the bar for only 3 days and would receive between 1,000 Baht and 1,500 Baht every time they would go out with foreign customers. All three claimed they were forced to work in Pattaya and in the bar industry after leaving school and being told by their families to financially support them in any way they can.

Four suspected gamblers arrested by Pattaya Police in Jomtien

Seven people were arrested but only four were later charged with the offence of Gambling after Pattaya Police received a tip-off that an illegal gambling event was taking place at an unnamed apartment on the Thepprasit Road in Jomtien.

Late on Monday Night a call came in confirming the gambling event was taking place. Officers were mobilized and made their way to the apartment and quickly gained entry. Inside were seven women. Four of them were playing the popular card-game Rummy and the others were sitting on the floor watching TV.

All seven aged between 28 and 39 were taken to Pattaya Police Station along with evidence of the gambling, including a deck of cards and a quantity of money which were both confiscated.

The three women watching TV protested their innocence and were later released without charge. The others were charged with gambling and are set to appear in Court on Tuesday where the Judge is expected to hand down fines should they be found guilty of the offences they are alleged to have committed.

Foreigner threatened with gun and assaulted on Pattaya Beach

A foreigner was threatened with a gun on Pattaya Beach early on Sunday Morning after he was spotted by the Thai gun owner with his former girlfriend.

The incident occurred on Pattaya Beach in front of Soi Pattayaland 13/1 and led to the arrest of Khun Somsak aged 26 who was caught with a 9mm handgun. The gun was not loaded and Khun Somsak was not carrying any ammunition. Khun Somsak’s brother known only as “Op”, who was also involved in an assault on the foreign man, was able to escape before Police arrived.

Although the unnamed foreigner decided not report the case at Pattaya Police Station, officers arrested Khun Somsak and seized the unregistered firearm.

Khun Somsak revealed how he was on Pattaya Beach with a group of friends and came down to see the second night of the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival and drink with his friends. He spotted his former girlfriend, who he claims, works as a prostitute on Pattaya Beach, and was not happy with the way the foreign man was apparently groping her. Khun Somsak and his brother approached and hit the foreign man before Khun Somsak produced the firearm and held it to the foreigners head.

Khun Somsak was later charged with possession and unlawful use of an unregistered firearm in a public place and is currently on-remand pending Court proceedings.

Suspected gamblers caught in front of Auto Center in North Pattaya

With apparently no fear of being seen by others, a group of 4 people were caught gambling outside of an auto center in North Pattaya early on Sunday Morning.

It was only a matter of time until someone would report the illegal event, which was taking place on the pavement for all to see. Police arrived, in front of the Giti Car Care Center in Naklua and arrested Khun Apichart aged 37, Khun Wasuporn aged 34, Khun Langsan aged 62 and Khun Wanongnapat aged 30.

Evidence including a small quantity of money, dice and an empty medicine box used to shuffle and then roll the dice, were confiscated. The four individuals were taken to Pattaya Police Station where Khun Apichart confessed to organizing the gambling event.
All were charged with the offence of gambling. We would like to remind you that Thailand is one of a handful of countries where gambling is illegal.

Two Russian Females arrested after South Pattaya convenience store “incident”

Two Russian females were facing serious assault charges on Wednesday Night after an incident at a 7-Eleven Convenience Store located at the top-end of Soi Diamond in South Pattaya.

Police were called to the store just before 11pm and detained Miss Irina Lyubaykina aged 35 and Miss Elena Klepechina aged 27. They were accused of smashing a coke bottle over the head of one of the shop assistants, Khun Sayumporn aged 28. She sustained a head injury and was taken straight to hospital

The two Russians were taken to Pattaya Police Station where they refused to speak about the incident. Reports from the hospitalized shop assistant suggested the pair purchased items to the value of 219 Baht. Khun Sayumporn claims she was given 220 Baht and gave back 1 Baht in change. The two Russians claimed they handed over a 1,000 Baht note and demanded the 781 Baht in change be handed over immediately. The shop assistant refused which is when the situation became violent.

Both Russians remain under arrest at time of publication pending further questioning of the shop assistant.

Iranians file complaint of threats made by Pattaya Jet Ski Operators

Early on Saturday Morning two Iranian Men reported threats made by Jet Ski Operators following financial negotiations after they damaged the hired Jet Skis.

Mr. Alireza Tajikkhaveh aged 24 and Mr. Omidreza Jahangard aged 30 presented themselves to Pattaya Police Station and confirmed they had hired two Jet Ski’s on Pattaya Beach in front of Mike Shopping Mall and admit to damaging both Jet Ski’s following a minor collision.

When the pair returned to the Beach negotiations to pay for the damage began and a price of 13,000 Baht was given to the men who asked for a discount. At this point an Iranian man, who claimed he was Police, arrived to translate, and the situation became heated when the Jet Ski Operators allegedly told the two men to pay the 13,000 Baht or harm would come to them. The two Iranian complainants claimed they feared for their lives and went back to their Hotel to get the money which was handed over without further incident.

Police will now investigate the problem and question the Jet Ski Operators. They are particularly interested in speaking with the Iranian translator who claims he is a Police Officer.

Previously convicted drug dealer caught again with drugs and gun in Central Pattaya

A minor traffic offence led Police to chase a man on a motorbike who was found to be in possession of a gun and 100 Yabba Tablets.

Officers had set up a checkpoint in Central Pattaya on Wednesday and spotted the motorbike driver who was not wearing a safety helmet which, in Thailand, is a minor offence, and normally requires the driver to pay a small fine at the Police station. On this occasion, the motorbike driver appeared to stop and was preparing to turn away to make his escape when he was approached by officers on motorbikes who intercepted him close-by. A search uncovered a Berretta 9mm handgun with 17 rounds of ammunition along with 100 Yabba Tablets which were concealed in the seat compartment of the bike.

Khun Witawat aged 27 was taken to Pattaya Police Station along with his seized motorbike and checks revealed he had been released from prison only 4 months ago where he served time for a drug conviction. He claimed he was given the gun by a local drug buyer who had no money to pay for 30,000 Baht’s worth of drugs so gave the gun to him instead.

Khun Witawat is facing a lengthy prison sentence due to previous convictions, should he be found guilty in Court of possession of the firearm and possession, with intent to sell, class 1 drugs.

British man and Thai Doctor report Central Pattaya Wedding Studio to Police

A wedding studio located on the Central Pattaya Road was reported to Police by two separate customers on Wednesday who accused the studio of taking money for services which were never provided.

According to the Police Report the allegations were made against the Studios which are located on the Central Pattaya Road. Those presenting themselves at Pattaya Police Station included the owner of the studio, Khun Tanapat aged 32 who strongly denied allegations brought against two separate complainants, Mr. Chris Carroll aged 43 from UK and his Thai wife, Khun Supapan Carroll aged 27 along with a Thai Doctor who runs a clinic in East Pattaya who did not wish to give his name to us.

Mr. Carroll claimed he paid a total of 500,000 Baht to the Wedding Studio for a complete wedding service including pictures and the hire of wedding outfits and a venue. He claimed the money was paid and no services were forthcoming and he had to pay an additional 200,000 Baht to another Wedding Studio at short notice so he could marry as planned.
The Thai Doctor claimed he paid 750,000 Baht which was part payment for a full wedding service costing 1 Million Baht and once again he claimed the promised services were not forthcoming.

In both cases the price included hire of a Hotel Banqueting Suite which both complainants discovered had not been booked as planned.

The owner of the company claims she has contracts with both parties and honored those contracts. The cases will now go to Court where a Judge will decide the outcome.

Nigerian drug dealing suspect arrested in South Pattaya

Pattaya Police arrested a 30 year old Nigerian on Thursday afternoon, following a planned meeting with a local dealer who was in fact working for the Police as a undercover operative. The suspect thought he was selling a large quantity of class 1 drugs which were intended for sale to bar workers and foreign tourists.

Undercover Officers set up surveillance at the MacDonald’s Restaurant close to the entrance to Walking Street on Pattaya Beach and waited until the Nigerian suspect, named as Mr. Akabuse, arrived. Police then moved in and detained the man pending a search which uncovered a bag with 5.5g of Crystal Methamphetamine inside.

Mr. Akabuse was taken to Pattaya Police Station where he confirmed he was a resident in Bangkok and intended to remain in Pattaya for only a few hours until the narcotics were handed over to the local agent, who was in fact, an undercover operative working for Pattaya Police.

Mr. Akabuse was charged with possession with intent to sell a class 1 drug and will be held on remand until a Court appearance is arranged.

Transsexual Pickpocket Gang steal Indian’s wallet on Pattaya Beach

A Transsexual accused of being part of a gang who regularly pickpocket foreign tourists in South Pattaya was arrested on Tuesday Night.

The incident occurred on Pattaya Beach in front of Soi Yamato and resulted in the theft of a wallet belonging to Mr. Anand Kumar aged 46 who was walking along with his family when the arrested transsexual, Khun Surasit aged 22, allegedly came up beside Mr. Kumar and placed his hands in Mr. Kumar’s trouser pocket. A wallet containing cash and credit cards was then handed over to two other transsexuals who then sped off on their brown Yamaha Fino motorbike.

Khun Surasit was taken to Pattaya Police Station where he denied knowledge of the alleged street robbery and of knowing the two others suspected of being involved in the case.

Police are currently searching for the two other suspects and the stolen wallet while Khun Surasit remains behind bars pending further investigations.

Syrian accused of stealing IPhone from Russian inside South Pattaya Disco

Thanks to an alert Security Guard, the attempted theft of a Russian’s IPhone 4S at a Discotheque in South Pattaya by a Syrian man was prevented.

Police were called to the front of the Bali Hai Plaza close to the Southern entrance to Walking Street just after 4am where Guards had detained two Syrian men. One of them was released without charge but the other, named as Mr. Nour Aljirudi aged 23, was accused of stealing an IPhone 4S from a red handbag belonging to Miss Katerina Maximova aged 20 who went to the Lima Lima Club for a night out with her Russian Friend.

During the evening the pair went to the toilet but inadvertently left Miss Maximova’s handbag on a table. A Security Guard was close-by and allegedly saw Mr. Aljirudi take the IPhone from the bag. He was then seen to leave the club and after smoking a cigarette with his Syrian friend outside of the club, he went to his parked motorbike and the guard claimed he saw him place the IPhone in the seat compartment of the bike. Before they could leave, they were detained pending the arrival of Police.

The suspect was taken to Pattaya Police Station along with the victim and later in the morning Mr. Aljirudi was charged with theft, despite the fact he vehemently denied the allegations brought against him. It will now be left to a Judge to decide if he is guilty of the alleged crime or not.

Music Copyright Officials “disappear” during arrest process of Central Pattaya shop owner

A group claiming to be Police and representatives from a Music Copyright Unit suddenly disappeared after journalists were told by the owner of a Pizza Shop in Central Pattaya that they had allegedly attempted to “clear” the case with them for a sum of 30,000 Baht.

The incident began at the Jasmine Pizza Shop located in Soi Baukao early on Saturday Morning. They received a request from a customer to play some romantic Thai Music. He had not ordered a pizza but only a Beer. The staff at the shop were not suspicious and placed a copied mp3 disc into their CD player. As soon as this happened, 2 men and 1 woman entered the shop.

The men claimed they were from Region 4 Police whose area of responsibility is the North-East of Thailand and not the area which covers Pattaya. The woman, Khun Gaiwalin aged 32 claimed she was from the GMM-Grammy Record Company. They seized the CD player and the mp3 disc and ordered the shop owner Khun Artitya aged 26 and the shop assistant Khun Donlaya aged 20 to Pattaya Police Station where the owner was offered a 30,000 Baht deal to clear the case.

What the team were unaware of is that the shop owner knew a local journalist who arrived with other journalists to film the incident. They also questioned the Police and Record Company Official and suggested they may not be real Police. Region 2 Police were called in to look into the case but before it could go any further the Copyright team left the station and even left behind their laptop and printer.

This bizarre case is now under investigation by senior Police who are still unsure if the Region 4 Police and record company official were genuine or not.

Four suspected gamblers caught in Jomtien

Four suspected “Hi-Low” gamblers were caught in front of a closed market early on Saturday Morning. Someone living nearby is thought to have contacted Police as the group were making noise and the complainant was trying to sleep.

Police arrived at the location in Soi Watboon 4 in Jomtien and noticed four men playing the popular dice game. They also saw gambling taking place which is an illegal act in Thailand. The men spotted the Police and did attempt to escape but they were outnumbered by Police and Police Volunteers who took the four men and the incriminating evidence of their gambling event to Pattaya Police Station.

No one confessed to organizing the event so each of them were charged with organizing an illegal gambling event. They were placed behind bars and are set to appear in Court on Monday where they are expected to be given fines.

We would like to remind our readers that gambling is illegal in Thailand and as a foreigner, can ultimately lead to arrest and deportation should the Courts wish to impose the maximum sentence allowed for such an offence.