Woman attempts suicide on Pattaya Beach

A broken-hearted Thai Woman attempted suicide on Pattaya Beach in the early hours of Saturday. Police and rescue services were called to the beach in front of the Best Friend Bar Complex and assisted the woman who refused to give her name or age to Police. She had been removed from the water and was lying on the sand and was conscious but appeared intoxicated. Her English Boyfriend was also there and was extremely concerned after the pair had argued over their relationship and the English boyfriend was accused of not loving her anymore and showing interest in other women. The woman refused medical treatment and was escorted away from the scene by her boyfriend.

Meeting discusses security improvements for tourists in Pattaya

A Meeting of senior Police officers from around the region took place at Pattaya Police Station on Wednesday to discuss safety for tourists visiting Pattaya. Police General Somyot, Senior Adviser to the Royal Thai Police, chaired the meeting to discuss the work undertaken by local Police Divisions in relation to tourist safety. Officers from local Police, Tourist Police, Immigration Police, Highway Police and Marine Police attended the meeting. Persistent problems with Jet Skis Scams, petty crime involving Transsexuals and others on Pattaya Beach was discussed and a number of short term solutions were agreed-upon including clearance of trees to improve visibility for CCTV cameras and every 300 meters Police Security Points will be set-up to assist tourists should they require it. Jet Ski’s and a reorganization of their activities dominated the meeting which is set to benefit tourists and their safety during their stay in Pattaya.

Three men accused of theft from four transsexuals arrested by Pattaya Police

Pattaya Police arrested three men on Monday afternoon accused of stealing items from four Transsexuals who were taken, against their will, to their room and told to hand over all valuables. The three male suspects, Khun Apinan aged 31, Khun Deardsuk aged 22 and Khun Suwat aged 20 were arrested in Pattaya and Bangkok after the victims reported the crime at Pattaya Police Station. The suspects revealed how they had come to Pattaya to look for groups of transsexuals who they believed to have lots of cash and valuables. The transsexuals were seen on Pattaya Beach and somehow they were forced to take the three men to their room where items were stolen before the three escaped. Around 10,000 Baht in cash, three mobile phones and a DVD Player were taken by the men who were later picked-up by Police. A fourth man, thought to be involved in the case is still at-large. Police are still investigating the case further and do not believe they have the full details of the incident at this time.

Dutch Tourist drowns in waters off Pattaya Beach

A Dutch tourist drowned in the waters off Pattaya Beach on Saturday afternoon. The dead man was named as Mr. Arnoldus Wilhelmus Gerardus aged 78 who was pulled from the water after his wife, Mrs. Johanna aged 76 called for help after her Husband became submerged. A beach masseur, Khun Gridsana aged 22 saw the incident and explained that after Mrs. Johanna realised her husband had died she ran back to her Hotel in an understandably distraught state. She did later report the incident at Pattaya Police Station with the assistance of Hotel staff. The Dutch Embassy in Bangkok were informed and are now assisting Mrs. Johanna while her husband undergoes a post mortem examination at the Police Forensic Institute in Bangkok.

Pattaya reaction to recent stabbing of Australian in Phuket

Reaction in Pattaya to the recent stabbing of a female Australian tourist in Phuket has been one of concern that a similar incident could happen in Pattaya. On Thursday we spoke with Police Lieutenant Colonel Gietisak, Deputy Pattaya Police Chief, who voiced his own concerns over the incident but assured tourists in Pattaya that every possible step is being taken to ensure that safety for tourists is of the highest priority for his officers. As part of their efforts, nightly arrests of loiterers on Pattaya Beach is taken place to ensure Police have a comprehensive database of everyone down there and also posters and signs in various languages are being produced which will be displayed in areas of high crime. We also spoke with Tourists on the Beach who are sad for the victim and their family who were caught up in the Phuket incident and can only hope that Pattaya Police are doing all they can to keep them safe.

Pattaya Tourist Police assist Indian victim of Beach road theft

The Tourist Police based on Walking Street arrested a transsexual accused of stealing a wallet from an Indian Tourist. The incident occurred on Pattaya Beach in front of Soi Pattayaland 2 and resulted in the arrest of Khun Sawaeng aged 22. The arrestee and the alleged victim, Mr. Mitesh Uttam Bhandari aged 28 were taken to Pattaya Police Station where the suspect was accused of lunging towards Mr. Bhandari and at the same time removed the wallet from his trouser pocket. All stolen items were returned and Khun Sawaeng was locked-up and charged with aggravated theft.

40 “Coconut Ghosts” removed from Pattaya Beach by Police

40 “Coconut Ghosts” were rounded-up by Pattaya Police in the early hours of Monday. Individuals who loiter on the beach late at night, especially those in search of companionship for a price, are now affectionately known as “Coconut Ghosts” and on Monday Morning the 40 transsexuals were charged with loitering with intent to commit a crime. This charge offers a maximum fine of 100 Baht which each transsexual paid before being released back on to the streets to presumably continue whatever they were doing previous to their arrest. Pattaya Police have vowed to continue rounding up male and female loiters on a daily basis so as to cause them as much inconvenience as possible with the hope they will finally leave the area for good.

22 “Coconut Ghosts” found on Pattaya Beach

22 “Coconut Ghosts” were arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station in the early hours of Friday. The new name for those suspected of loitering on Pattaya Beach with intent to engage in prostitution or other criminal acts has been given to them by Pattaya Police who round-up men and women who are suspected of loitering on a nightly basis. On this occasion 7 women and 15 transsexuals were taken to the station and fined the sum of 100 Baht before being sent on their way with a stern warning not to be seen on Pattaya Beach again. The warning was ignored and the “Coconut Ghosts” returned to the beach to continue doing whatever they were doing previous to their arrest.

Stun Gun stops Foreign fighter outside Pattaya Police Station

It was “Fight Night” on Pattaya Beach, only meters away from Pattaya Police Station in the early hours of Monday. A well-built foreign man, suspected of being intoxicated, engaged in a scuffle with a Thai man which soon involved other Thai men who appeared hesitant to involve themselves due to the proximity of the Police Station and the chance they could end up behind bars. The foreign man, who refused to offer his name or nationality appeared ready for a fight and exchanged blows with his opponent until another Thai Man approached with a stun gun and rendered the foreigner unconscious for a moment which allowed time for all those involved to disperse. The foreign fighter recovered and walked off and despite the incident occurring on the street outside of the Police Station he was not arrested and allowed to leave. 

Two Americans arrested on class 1 drug charges in North Pattaya

Two American’s have been arrested by Chonburi Provincial Transnational Crime Suppression Police, accused of consumption and distribution of class 1 drugs. A press conference was held on Wednesday Night to confirm the arrest of Mr. Hans Hendrik Ryman aged 65 and Mr. David Jerome aged 62. Police were armed with a search warrant for an apartment at the Pattaya Tower Apartments in Soi 4 off Pattaya Beach thought to be occupied by both men. Mr. Ryman was accused of selling Crystal Methamphetamine to mostly close friends. Mr. Jerome was accused of consuming the drug inside the room, at the time of the raid by Police. Evidence including 1g of the drug and drug taking paraphernalia along with a cigarette containing a small quantity of Marijuana were seized. Police suspect Mr. Ryman had been selling drugs for some time. Both men were charged with class 1 and class 5 drug offences and will be held pending Court appearances. 

Seven suspected Uzbekistan Prostitutes arrested by Pattaya Police

A common sight around the South Pattaya entertainment areas are Uzbekistan Nationals who work as Prostitutes and cater mainly for the Middle-Eastern tourists. From time-to-time they are rounded-up by Police and in the early hours of Wednesday, Pattaya Police arrested 7 Uzbekistan Nationals on Pattaya Beach and accused them of providing sexual services in exchange for money. Each of the arrestees were carrying passports or copies of their passport Photo pages and had entered Thailand on Tourist Visas which do not permit any form of work. On this occasion no evidence was available to confirm they were working so Police decided to issue each one with a fine for loitering before being sent on their way.

Pattaya Police arrest suspected German Drug Dealer in Central Pattaya

A German national has been caught allegedly selling class 1 drugs. The sale was made during an undercover operation conducted by Pattaya Police who were aware of the suspected dealer. He then provided information about his supplier who was also arrested. Mr. Heinz-Otto Kain aged 58 was caught with 4 Yabba Tablets in Soi Beokeow and was then more than willing to provide Police with details of his supplier named as Khun Somboon who works as a street refuse collector on Pattaya Beach. She was then caught during a further undercover operation with 55 Yabba Tablets. Both suspects were charged with serious class 1 drugs offences and will be held pending Court appearances.

22 people arrested during Police clean-up of Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches

Wednesday Night saw a further clean-up of Pattaya Beach by Police who are determined to rid the area of prostitutes and others who may be considering to commit a crime. On this occasion the entire stretch of Pattaya Beach from the Dusit Thani Resort to the entrance to Walking Street was checked along with most of Jomtien Beach, by Police and Police Volunteers. A total of 22 Transsexuals, women and men were taken to Pattaya Police Station and charged with loitering and fined the sum of 100 Baht each before their release which was accompanied by a stern warning to all those detained, not to be seen on the beach again. A warning which Police suspect the majority will ignore.

21 year old Beer Bar Worker dies in Pattaya Beach road crash

A road accident on Pattaya Beach, in front of Soi 6, in the early hours of Tuesday led to the instant death of a 21 year old Thai Woman. The body of Khun Pachawin was on the road next to her fallen motorbike and according to witnesses, she was travelling at a high rate of speed and simply lost control of her bike and fell. Rescue Workers suspect she died from severe trauma to her head which would have hit the tarmac with considerable force. The woman was known to work at a Beer Bar in Naklua and word soon got back to the bar that the accident had occurred and friends of the victim soon arrived at the scene of the crash. Police are now in contact with the family of Khun Pachawin who are now coming to terms with their loss.

Suspect in drugging and robbery case of Bangladesh Rotarians caught by Pattaya Police

Police have now arrested the female suspect accused of drugging and robbing three Rotarians from Bangladesh who visited Pattaya for a day following a Rotary Conference in Bangkok. In a joint operation involving Pattaya Police and Pattaya’s Tourist Police, officers conducted a raid of a rented room in Soi Bongkot in Central Pattaya following a tip-off the suspect lived there. Inside the room was Khun Maree aged 33 who bared a striking resemblance to the woman seen in CCTV pictures, leaving the men’s room on the night of the incident. Also found inside her room were the clothes she was seen wearing on the video images. Khun Maree revealed how she met one of the men in front of Royal Garden Plaza on Pattaya Beach. She stressed to him that she was not a prostitute but was offered 800 Baht to accompany the man back to his Hotel room. She accepted the money and went to the Bella Express Hotel, leaving a stolen Thai ID Card on reception. Inside the room were the two other Bangladeshi’s and the group began to drink together. The men became more intoxicated as the night progressed and the men allegedly surrounded Khun Maree and began biting her and suggested a group sex session should follow. Khun Maree claimed she was scared and happened to have sleeping tablets inside her bag. She laced all the drinks with the medication, including hers by mistake and everyone fell asleep. Khun Maree claims she was the first to wake up and decided to steal items from the room while the others continued to sleep. When told that one of the men had died, she was shocked and told Police she had no intention to harm anyone. Police recorded her version of events and for now, Khun Maree has been charged with murder, theft and other charges relating to the case which will be heard in Court next week. 

Pattaya celebrates National Labour Day

Pattaya was full of people on Tuesday as the Kingdom celebrated National Labour Day whichrecognizes the important role of Thai labour workers and honours their contribution to the country on this day. It is also an opportunity for some to take a day off work and spend it with their families and it appears that many have decided to enjoy the day in Pattaya. Pattaya Beach was busy as was many of the major road links into the City. The Traffic Police reported major traffic congestion on the Sukhumvit Road and South and central Pattaya Roads. Many of the local Shopping Malls also reported good trade. 

22 year old man shot dead close to the Bali Hai Port on Pattaya Beach

A 22 year old Thai Man was shot dead close to the Bali Hai Port in the early hours of Monday only hours after attending the Pattaya International Music Festival with friends. The body of Khun Gan was taken to the Pattaya Memorial Hospital where Police spoke with friends and family members of the deceased who revealed how the group were sitting and drinking close to the Port when Khun Gan told the group that he wanted to return home. He left alone but returned moments later and shouted to his friends and younger brother that someone was trying to kill him. Seconds later two motorbikes drove past and shots were expelled from a passenger on one of the bikes. Khun Gan was shot and died on the way to Hospital. Police have few clues as to who shot Khun Gan but did notice motorbikes being repeatedly driven around the Hospital as if someone was trying to check if he had died or not but officers were unable to stop and question them. The murder investigation continues.

Body of man found floating face-down in waters off Pattaya Beach

The body of a Thai man was recovered form the waters off Pattaya Beach on Sunday evening. The body of the man, known only as “Joy” and thought to be aged between 30 and 35 was seen earlier on the beach where he was drinking with friends. The body was seen 2 hours after the initial sighting, floating face-down in the waters close to the Bali Hai Port. Police do not suspect foul play and think he may have gone for a swim and due to his intoxicated state then got into difficulties and drowned. The body has been sent for a post mortem examination and family members of the deceased man have been informed.

Pattaya International Music Festival begins

Three days of fun and live music has begun along Pattaya Beach Road with the start of the much anticipated Pattaya International Music Festival. Organized by GMM-Grammy, one of Thailand’s leading record labels and supported by Pattaya City Hall, the Chonburi Provincial Administration and the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Friday Night saw the grand opening presided over by Khun Sontaya, formers Sports and Tourism Minister and Khun Itipon, the Mayor of Pattaya who were joined on-stage by some of Thailand’s top Thai superstars who will be performing during the three day event. Sound stages have been erected along Pattaya Beach with the main stage situated at the Bali Hai Port at the southern-end of the Beach past Walking Street. For a full rundown of the acts appearing at the Pattaya International Music Festival and for a look at the latest pictures from the event log-on to their Facebook page www.facebook.com/pattayafestival Motorists are warned that road closures are in place along Pattaya Beach for the duration of the festival which concludes on Sunday.

Two Pattaya Jet Ski Operators arrested following recent assault on Macau students

Two young men, accused of assaulting two Students from Macau on 17th April following a dispute over damage caused to Jet Ski’s have been arrested by Pattaya Police. Police Lieutenant General Panya, Region 2 Police Commissioner led a press conference on Monday Morning to confirm the arrest of Khun Nalong aged 18 and a 17 year old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons. Both are accused of assaulting Mr. Man Tek Lei and Mr. Ka Hong Un both aged 21, who have since returned to Macau. The incident occurred on Pattaya Beach and resulted in an alleged assault of the pair outside of their Hotel. The two arrested men claim the assault was a result of the students disrespecting the Jet Ski operators and had nothing to do with money. They also do not believe it to be a serious incident and question the high profile arrest of them. The General thinks otherwise and appreciates such incidents affect tourism and understands that these stories are published on the internet for the world to see. The General is promising tough action against any Jet Ski scammers from now on and will hold an urgent meeting with operators shortly to set out his plans for them.