3 Iranians arrested at drug production facility in East Pattaya

Three Iranians were arrested by Police on Thursday Morning accused of running a drug production facility in East Pattaya.

In a combined Police operation involving Chonburi Immigration, the Narcotics Suppression Bureau and Banglamung Police, an initial raid was conducted on a house located inside the Green Park Village in Soi Chayapruek 2 in East Pattaya.

Inside the two-storey house, Police detained Mr. Behzad Charhooz aged 25, Mr. Mehdi Munaei aged 28 and Mr. Asdollahi Behnamali aged 36, all Iranian Nationals. The three men had been under investigation for some time and thanks to a number of intercepted packages and information from an undercover operative, it was known the three men were importing components used to produce Crystal Methamphetamine from around the world.

Initially they were producing and selling the drug in Pattaya but were about to expand their operation to Bangkok. The components would be brought into Thailand concealed in ceramic pots and other items which they assumed would pass easily through x-ray devices without being detected. The house was being used as a Laboratory where the ingredients were mixed to form the illegal narcotic.

Police were also aware of a second house which was reportedly being used as the distribution and packaging center for the finished drug. The second house, a bungalow at Chockchai Village 7 in Soi Kao Noi was also raided and many packs of the finished drug were found.

The three men are set to be charged with serious class 1 drug production and distribution offenses which carry a maximum sentence of death, if they are found guilty in Court.

Pattaya Immigration Police arrest over 200 illegal foreign workers

As part of a 17 day crackdown on illegal foreign workers, Chonburi Immigration based in Jomtien arrested over 200 illegal foreign construction workers on Friday Morning at two locations.

Police Colonel Chaiyot, the Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration announced the arrest of 215 foreign construction workers who were unable to provide Police with valid work permits. They were arrested at a condominium construction site in Soi 15 off the Thappraya Road and at a constructors campsite in Na-Jomtien.

Cambodian, Vietnamese, Burmese and Laos nationals were detained and will be deported to their native countries at the earliest opportunity according to the Colonel who warned other construction companies who employ illegal foreign workers to save on salaries, that they will be visited soon and any illegal foreign workers found will be deported and the companies themselves will be prosecuted.

Ukrainian & Australian accused of extortion from South Pattaya Restaurant owner

In a joint operation involving Pattaya’s Tourist Police and Chonburi Immigration, two foreign men, accused of attempting to extort 20,000 Baht from a Russian Restaurant in South Pattaya, were arrested.

A press conference was held at the Pattaya Tourist Police Station on Thursday by the National Tourist Police Commander, Police Major General Wasu, who announced the arrest of Mr. Marlen Pilman aged 37, originally from Russia but now an Australian National and Mr. Dimitri Larovyi aged 36 from Ukraine. Both men were arrested at the Heat 7 Russian Restaurant located in Soi Cosy Beach in South Pattaya at the culmination of an undercover operation which allegedly saw them receive 4,000 Baht as a down-payment of a 20,000 Baht figure given to the owner of the restaurant, Khun Nangwalee aged 30, who is married to a Russian.

Her Husband had asked her to post a sign at the front of the shop in Russian Language requesting tour guides to bring their clients to the restaurant in exchange for commission. The two suspects had approached the owner and claimed they could bring many Russian Tourists to the restaurant but not yet. In the meantime they would eat and drink without paying for their meals and instead the cost of the meals would be taken from their future commission payments.

Eventually Khun Nangwalee decided enough-was-enough and told the pair to never come back. At this point they told her to pay them 20,000 Baht otherwise her restaurant would be trashed and they would spread nasty rumors around Pattaya regarding the quality of food served at the restaurant.

At this point the owner contacted the Tourist Police who in-turn contact Immigration Police for assistance in an undercover operation to entrap the suspects with the promise of a part-payment of the 20,000 Baht.

Both suspects denied allegations of extortion and claimed the money was part of a debt owed to the pair. Police will now present the evidence to the Courts who will decide their fate.

Well-known Australian Ex-pat Golfer arrested by Pattaya Immigration

At 9pm on Tuesday, Police Colonel Chaiyot, Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration, based in Jomtien Beach Road Soi 5, announced the arrest of an Australian National, originally from Italy, based on an arrest warrant relating to charges of posting explicit pictures of a Thai woman on the internet which caused her a loss of reputation. The Colonel confirmed he had earlier served warrant number 650/2555 dated 25th September 2012 and issued by Rayong Provincial Court and arrested Mr. Luciano Glavina aged 56 at a popular Bar & Restaurant in Soi Kao Noi, East Pattaya, where he was known to frequently eat and would often attend Golfing events. Mr. Glavina confirmed it was his name on the warrant but vehemently denied three separate allegations which are detailed in the warrant including allegations he posted pictures of the woman on the internet without her consent and the pictures damaged her reputation. The original complaint was made at a Police Station in Rayong Province so  Mr. Glavina will be transferred to Rayong Police for further legal processing.

106 foreign nationals arrested by Pattaya Immigration.

Chonburi Immigration based in Jomtien have arrested 106 foreign nationals who were deemed to be residing or working in Thailand illegally. Police Colonel Chaiyot, Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration announced the arrests on Wednesday afternoon and confirmed that 67 people were caught working illegally on construction sites and the rest were suspected of working as street beggars. Many of the Cambodian, Laos and Burmese Nationals appeared to have entered Thailand illegally and were not able to produce passports. The Construction workers could not produce valid work permits. All 106 arrestees will be returned to their native countries as soon as possible according to the Colonel.

Chonburi Immigration arrest 21 foreigners in Pattaya

Chonburi Immigration based in Jomtien arrested a total of 21 foreigners, some accused of prostitution, some with expired visas and others with no entry stamp in their passport suggesting they entered Thailand illegally. Police Colonel Chayot, the Chief of the Immigration Office presented 12 Uzbekistan females to the gathered media who were accused of engaging in Prostitution on Walking Street, South Pattaya. It is believed they were caught as part of an undercover operation whereby operatives armed with marked bank notes were able to exchange the money for a promise of sexual services in return. A further nine Liberian Nationals were arrested and found to have a variety of visa issues. Some were on expired visas and others appeared to have entered Thailand illegally. Immigration Police will initiate deportation procedures against all arrestees.

Pattaya Immigration arrest foreign street vendors and beggars in 3 day operation

Pattaya Immigration conducted a three day operation to clear the streets of foreign street vendors and beggars and announced the results of the clearance on Monday at the Chonburi Immigration Office located in Soi 5 off Jomtien Beach Road. Police Colonel Chaiyot, the new Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration and Khun Itipon, the Mayor of Pattaya announced that 53 illegal immigrants were arrested over the three days and will be deported to their native countries without delay. The Colonel mentioned that he is determined to resolve the issues with street beggars and vendors from neighbouring countries who come to Pattaya to target tourists who have complained many times to Immigration and Pattaya City Hall. The reality is that many will return to Thailand due to highly organized teams who bring them over the border into Thailand to work on their behalf.

Iranian Bangkok Bomb Suspects link with Pattaya investigated by Immigration Police

Details emerged on Tuesday that the three Iranian men involved in the bomb attacks in Bangkok earlier in the day, appear to have begun their trip to Thailand in Pattaya. Chonburi Immigration were ordered by the National Police Chief to investigate the claims and centered their investigations on the Top Thai Hotel in Soi P72 Hotel off Walking Street, South Pattaya. Three men, who closely resembled the men involved in the bombings according to security camera footage, had checked into room number 310 on 11th February and checked out on 13th February, the day before the bomb attacks. Immigration are stressing that this information has yet to be fully verified, however, an issue relating to Hotels reporting details of their guests to Immigration within 24 hours of their arrival has emerged and it appears this regulation is being largely ignored. Immigration Police Chief, Colonel Choosak, stressed how important it is for Hotels to send this information to Immigration to help with detection of possible foreign criminal elements that enter Thailand. For now, Pattaya’s fragile tourist industry appears to be unaffected by the Bangkok incident, but the longer term effect has yet to be determined.


Pattaya Immigration arrest fugitive American and 7 Ugandan suspected prostitutes

Immigration Police have announced the arrest of an American fugitive and7 Ugandan women accused of being prostitutes. Police Colonel Choosak, the Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration held at a press conference at the Immigration Office in Jomtien Beach Soi 5 on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Dray Matthew Pleuger aged 36 is wanted on drug related offences in USA according to a communication received by the American Embassy in Bangkok and is believed to have escaped to Thailand to avoid prosecution. He was located and arrested at a small bar located at the entrance to Soi 5 on Pattaya Beach road and will shortly be deported to USA in conjunction with the Embassy.
Immigration Officers arrested the 7 Ugandan women on Pattaya Beach, in the early hours of Tuesday. They were seen to approach foreign tourists and propositioned an undercover operative. They were taken to the Immigration Office and charged with loitering with intent to commit a criminal offence. The Colonel stated that he will seek to cancel their visas to reside in Thailand and deport them to Uganda at the earliest opportunity.

Pattaya Immigration arrest illegal foreign nationals at constructor’s campsite

Pattaya Immigration raided a constructor’s campsite early on Wednesday Morning following complaints from locals who suggested the site was full of illegal foreign immigrants. Police Colonel Chusak, the Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration led a team of officers and volunteers to the site, located inside Soi Sukhumvit 91 in the Jomtien area and detained 132 foreign nationals. They were asked to produce paperwork confirming they had entered Thailand legally and were able to work. 119 of them were able to do this, however 17 individuals could not and were therefore arrested. An additional 6 people failed a urine test, confirming they had recently ingested Methamphetamine. The 23 arrestees were taken to the Immigration Office in Soi 5 off Jomtien Beach Road and will be processed in accordance with Thai law.

Pattaya Immigration donates provisions to Central Thailand flood victims

Pattaya’s Immigration office, located off Jomtien Beach has raised money to purchase essential provisions for those affected by the recent severe flooding in Thailand. Donations from Thai’s and foreigner’s who have visited the Immigration office over the past few weeks has allowed them to purchase many items which was sent by 4 trucks to Ayutthaya Province in Central Thailand. Police Colonel Choosak, the Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration was there to send off the trucks full of water, rice, dried noodles and even sanitary towels which female victims of the flooding have been unable to purchase due to the conditions.

Cambodian beggars removed from the streets of Pattaya, for now

On Monday morning Chonburi Immigration officers launched a co-ordinated sweep of the streets of Pattaya and arrested 50 persons allegedly engaged in the begging for money industry. All 50 were identified as Cambodian illegals. The 50, nine males, 18 females, and 23 very young children, were taken to the front of the Chonburi Immigration offices in Jomtien Soi 5 where they were paraded before the media. Police Colonel Choosuk, the Superintendent of Chonburi Immigration, led the press conference and he said the Cambodian illegals would be sent back across the border. He said that if anyone happened to see illegal beggars on the streets they should call Immigration officers to come and take them away. Despite the cries of the young children assembled behind him, Colonel Choosuk was able to make his point forcefully, saying that Pattaya is now a world-class tourist destination and the sight of Cambodian beggars on the streets is a blot on the landscape. After the press conference was completed, the 50 Cambodians were loaded onto a prison truck and taken away.

Senior Immigration officer visits Chonburi Immigration in Jomtien

Major-General Suraporn, the deputy commissioner of Immigration, paid an inspection visit to the Chonburi Immigration headquarters, located in Soi 5 in Jomtien on Friday morning.  After further formalities were completed, General Suraporn was given a tour of the office and was introduced to the staff. He also spoke with a few customers, asking them how they found the service at the office. Not surprisingly, all comments were favourable. Suitably impressed, the general congratulated his Chonburi Immigration officers on their good work.

Chonburi Immigration holds staff party at Bali Hai Port on Pattaya Beach

Chonburi Immigration held their annual staff party on Thursday Night. The event took place at the Bali Hai Port and was hosted by Police Colonel Atisawit, the Superintendant of the office which is located in Soi 5 off Jomtien Beach Road. Many Immigration officers along with specially invited foreign guests enjoyed a night of endless food and drink and on-stage entertainment. There was also a lucky draw for immigration officers, many of the prizes being donated by local private companies.

Jordanian accused of rape, arrested by Immigration Police

On Thursday Evening, the Pattaya Branch of Chonburi Immigration led by Police Colonel Atisawit arrested a Jordanian National on the strength of arrest warrant number 110/2552 issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court on 4th November which stated that Mr. Ali Abdel Rahman Alidabash aged 58 was accused of raping Khun Woodree who had reported the incident to Police Captain Griengaiwoot at Pattaya Police Station. He was arrested in front of the Mountain Beach Hotel in South Pattaya and taken back to the Immigration Office in Jomtien and later transferred to Pattaya Police Station. During his time at the Immigration Office he refused to comment about the case which will now go to court to allow a Judge to decide if he is guilty of the alleged crime or not.