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4 suspected drug users and dealers caught by Pattaya Police

10th April, 2014
In the early hours of Thursday Pattaya Police escorted four individuals to Pattaya Police Station suspected of possessing and possibly dealing in class 1 drugs. The drug suspects were caught at a Police Checkpoint earlier in the night and...

One dead in East Pattaya Railroad crash

9th April, 2014
Two vehicles were involved in a crash on the Railroad running along the Eastern side of Pattaya on Monday evening which resulted in the death of a 30 year old man. The crash involved a Mitsubishi Lancer, driven by...

Hi-Low Gamblers caught at South Pattaya Beer Bar Complex

9th April, 2014
In the early hours of Monday a Pattaya Police Team arrested 10 suspected gamblers who were accused of playing “Hi-Low” for money at the rear of a South Pattaya Beer Bar Complex. Police and Police Volunteers converged on the...

Fire at unoccupied house in East Pattaya

9th April, 2014
On Monday Morning Fire Rescue Services were called to a fire at an East Pattaya Bungalow which was known to be unoccupied. The house is situated inside the Mike Orchid Villas Housing Estate in Soi Kao Noi and is...

14 year old Cambodian Girl alleges sexual assault at South Pattaya campsite

7th April, 2014
In the early hours of Sunday Pattaya Police were called to a constructors campsite in South Pattaya to investigate reports of a Cambodian man who is alleged to have sexually assaulted a 14 year old Cambodian Girl inside the...

“Cookie Run” addict re-enacts fall from Central Pattaya Condominium

7th April, 2014
We looked further into the recent incident which occurred involving a 35 year online gamer who mysteriously fell-off a 4th roof ledge as he played the popular online game “Cookie Run” on his mobile device. Khun Sanit aged 35...

Taxi Driver with “incurable” disease hangs himself at his North Pattaya apartment

7th April, 2014
A 49 year old Taxi Driver, who was given the devastating news that he was suffering from an incurable disease, decided to apparently end his own life on Sunday at his North Pattaya apartment. Police and rescue services made...

Casino Room discovered at all-night Pub in Central Pattaya

4th April, 2014
Police conducted a raid on a Pub in Central Pattaya on Thursday afternoon which was suspected of opening well over its permitted licensed opening hours and there was a suspicion an illegal casino room was operating at the back...

Navy Guard sought after shooting in front of Korean-owned House in East Pattaya

4th April, 2014
On Thursday Morning a shooting incident occurred in front of a Luxury House in East Pattaya, owned by a Korean Businessman, who is thought to have installed an unauthorized Guard Post at the front of his property which is...

Gamer seeking WIFI signal falls from Central Pattaya Condominium

4th April, 2014
In the early hours of Thursday Police and rescue services were called to a Central Pattaya Condominium to assist a 35 year old man who had fallen from the roof where he would go most nights to play online...

Body of Naked Foreign Vagrant found at abandoned construction site in Jomtien

3rd April, 2014
On Wednesday afternoon, Police were called to an abandoned construction site near Soi 11 on Jomtien Beach Road following the discovery of a naked foreign vagrant at the location. The body was discovered by a foreign resident who was...

Three Pattaya burglary suspects arrested by Nongprue Police

3rd April, 2014
On Wednesday Police Major General Katcha, the Provincial Police Commander led a press conference at Nongprue Police Station to announce the arrest of three suspected burglars in two unrelated cases, one of which involved a Russian resident of Pattaya....

Cambodian Cook found hung behind North Pattaya Village

3rd April, 2014
On Wednesday afternoon the body of a Cambodian Assistant Cook was found hung from a tree behind a North Pattaya Village. Police and rescue workers were called to the rear of the Pacific Park Village in North Pattaya just...

Controversial Beach Booms claim their first life on Jomtien Beach

2nd April, 2014
Following previous reports of people sustaining injury after falling off beach booms on Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches, they have now claimed their first life and residents of Pattaya are now calling for their immediate removal before the booms claim...

Man attempts suicide but is saved by Brother–in-Law at North Pattaya home

2nd April, 2014
A 25 year old man is currently fighting for his life in Hospital after he attempted to hang himself at the home of his Brother-in-Law on Tuesday Morning. The incident occurred at the house of Khun Gamon aged 40...

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