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6,600 Yabba Tablets and suspected drug dealer caught by Sattahip Police

18th November, 2014
In the early hours of Monday, Sattahip Police conducted an undercover operation which saw them arrest a suspected drug dealer and seize a total of 6,600 Yabba Tablets, a class 1 drug in Thailand. Police were able to initially...

Police Complaint filed against new owners of Pattaya Golf Course

18th November, 2014
A group of 32 shareholder members of a Pattaya Golf Course filed a Police Report against its new owners on Monday regarding a dispute over existing memberships which the new owners are alleged to be refusing to honor from...

Pakistani Drugged and Robbed by two Thai Women he met on Pattaya Beach

17th November, 2014
In the early hours of Sunday, Police were called to a Hotel in South Pattaya to assist a Pakistani Tourist who had apparently been drugged and robbed by two Thai women he had earlier met on Pattaya Beach Road....

Irishman reports alleged assault by Pattaya Baht Bus Driver

17th November, 2014
In the early hours of Sunday a 54 year old Irishman reported an alleged assault by a Pattaya Baht Bus Driver in front of Central Festival Pattaya Beach on Pattaya Second Road. Mr. Andrew Boyle told officers that he...

Two Partially-clothed Russians caught with Marijuana on Pattaya Beach

17th November, 2014
Just before 1am on Sunday, Pattaya Police received a report of two Russian women who were allegedly smoking Marijuana and at-least one of them was topless. Police arrived at the Beach area in front of Soi 12 and found...

2,600 Monks and worshippers attend North Pattaya merit-making ceremony

17th November, 2014
Early on Sunday Morning 2,600 Buddhist Monks and thousands of worshippers dressed in white, attended a mass merit-making ceremony held along the North Pattaya Road in front of Pattaya City Hall. The event is in its 7th year and...

Russian injured in attempted armed bag snatch in South Pattaya

15th November, 2014
A 22 year old Russian woman sustained cuts to her hands during an attempted armed bag snatch in South Pattaya on Friday Night. The incident occurred in Soi 5 off the Pratmanuk Road just before 9pm and involved Miss...

Burmese Pattaya Pancake Vendor charged with theft from Chinese TV Presenter

15th November, 2014
In the early hours of Friday a 31 year old TV News Presenter from China, currently on holiday in Pattaya, reported the alleged theft of a mobile phone by a Pancake Vendor. Miss Zhen Ping, who works for the...

78 Year old Brit escapes with his life during Crane Crash in North Pattaya

14th November, 2014
A 78 year old British Man was lucky to escape with his life after a street pylon fell onto his car following an out-of-control crane crash in North Pattaya, which saw a total of 5 vehicles, including a coach,...

Bail Bondsman scammer arrested in front of Pattaya Courthouse

14th November, 2014
A 42 year old woman, who had promised the mother of a prisoner, she could secure his temporary release for an agreed fee, was arrested by Police in front of the Pattaya Provincial Court on Thursday afternoon. Khun Kemtong...

Pattaya Police arrest suspected class 1 Drug Dealer

14th November, 2014
Pattaya Police announced the arrest of a suspected class 1 drug dealer in the early hours of Friday. Officers were given information on the suspect who was known to reside in Soi 10 off the South Pattaya Road. Following...

“Polite” Burglary at Central Pattaya Rented Room

14th November, 2014
In the early hours of Friday a 38 year old woman reported a Burglary at her rented room in Central Pattaya and made a point to inform Police that although items were stolen, the suspect was extremely polite before...

More arrests in Nigerian Social Media Scam case

13th November, 2014
Following on from the arrest of two Nigerians last Friday in relation to a Social Media Scam, where they would lure people into sending them money to assist in releasing substantial amounts of money reportedly held by Thai Financial...

Middle-Eastern Man in knife incident at MacDonald’s in Central Pattaya

13th November, 2014
In the early hours of Wednesday, Police received an urgent call to attend a 24 Hour MacDonald’s Restaurant in Central Pattaya to deal with a knife-wielding Middle-Eastern man. Police arrived at the fast-food restaurant located on the Sukhumvit Road,...

3 year old child bitten by dog at East Pattaya Village

13th November, 2014
On Wednesday Night a 3 year old boy was taken to Banglamung Hospital after he was bitten by a dog as he played in the street inside a gated estate in East Pattaya. The incident occurred at the Nong...

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