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3 foreigners arrested in Pattaya in credit card, passport and money forgery case

29th November, 2014
On Friday evening Pattaya Police announced the arrest of 3 foreign nationals accused of being involved in crimes associated with fake bank cards, fake foreign currency and fake passports. Police Major General Nittipong, the Provincial Police Commander announced the...

Nigerian scammer arrested by Pattaya Police

29th November, 2014
On Friday Morning, the Pattaya Police Chief announced the arrest of a 34 year old Nigerian who used social media platforms to scam money from Thai women who thought he was a pilot having problems with a large quantity...

High School Student sexually assaulted on Highway 331 close to Pattaya

29th November, 2014
A 16 year old female student from a School in Sattahip was allegedly sexually assaulted by a man on Highway 331, as she drove home in the early hours of Friday. Police rushed to the scene in the Plu...

3rd Pattaya International Fireworks Festival begins

29th November, 2014
Some of the most spectacular fireworks ever seen in Thailand formed part of the first day of the 3rd Pattaya International Fireworks Festival 2014 on Pattaya Beach on Friday Night. Thousands of local residents and tourists converged on Pattaya...

British man drugged, robbed and left in Woodland behind Central Pattaya School

27th November, 2014
On Wednesday Morning Police and medics were called to an area of Woodland behind a School in Central Pattaya after a School cleaner discovered a foreign man who appeared to be in a semi-conscious state. Police arrived at the...

Russian attempted abduction in East Pattaya

27th November, 2014
On Wednesday afternoon a 37 year old Russian reported an attempted abduction which took place in front of an East Pattaya Village by a fellow Russian who was a so-called friend of her family. Mrs. Yulia Tikhovskaya was joined...

Pattaya Baht Bus Pickpocket Gang Members arrested in Central Pattaya

27th November, 2014
In the early hours of Thursday, the Pattaya Police Chief announced the arrest of 2 members of a Pickpocket Gang who target foreign nationals riding on Baht Buses. Police Colonel Supatee confirmed the arrest of Khun Arkom aged 24...

Tourist Assistance Foundation assist Destitute Swedish Tourist in Pattaya

27th November, 2014
A newly formed, Ministry of Interior-approved Foundation, assisted a Swedish Tourist who was left with no money or place to stay due to a reported theft of cash and valuables by a Thai Woman he had taken back to...

Unlicensed Pharmacy raided by Pattaya Police

27th November, 2014
On Wednesday Night, a team of undercover Pattaya Police Officers conducted a raid on a Pharmacy in East Pattaya which was suspected of selling controlled drugs without the appropriate licenses. The raid took place at the Sarisa Pharmacy in...

Honest Taxi Driver returns “lost” valuables to British Tourist in Pattaya

26th November, 2014
A 51 year old British Tourist was extremely grateful to a Bangkok Taxi Driver on Tuesday, when he returned a bag full of money and other valuables to him, which he had earlier left inside his Taxi. With the...

Neighbor accused of theft from East Pattaya apartment

26th November, 2014
On Tuesday afternoon, Police Colonel Supatee, Pattaya Police Chief and Deputy Commander of Chonburi Provincial Police, announced the arrest of a 33 year old man who is accused of climbing over a balcony and stealing gold from his neighbor’s...

Russian collapses and dies inside South Pattaya Convenience Store

25th November, 2014
In the early hours of Tuesday, Police and medics were called to a 7-Eleven Store in South Pattaya following reports of a Russian who had collapsed and died inside the 24 hour convenience store. Police arrived and inspected the...

Husband kills wife on Bangkok-Pattaya Highway

25th November, 2014
On Monday afternoon Police announced the arrest of a 66 year old man who is alleged to have stabbed his 42 year old Wife to death on the side of the Bangkok to Pattaya Highway last week. The incident...

Swiss man “commits suicide” at his East Pattaya Home

25th November, 2014
A 69 year old Swiss resident of Pattaya appears to have committed suicide at his East Pattaya home on Monday afternoon, after he discharged himself from Hospital against the advice of medical staff. Police and rescue workers made their...

1 Injured as car crashes into Noodle Restaurant in South Pattaya

25th November, 2014
In the early hours of Monday, the owner of a Noodle Restaurant in South Pattaya was slightly injured as a car crashed into the eatery after the driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle as she turned into a...

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