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Frenchman caught up in South Pattaya attempted necklace snatch

30th January, 2015
A 28 year old Frenchman was lucky not to lose his gold necklace following an attempt at stealing the item by two Thai men, in front of a South Pattaya Hotel on Thursday Morning. Pattaya Police were made aware...

Armed Robbery at entrance to North Pattaya Condominium

30th January, 2015
A Security Guard was ordered at gunpoint to hand over his cigarettes and two-way radio late on Thursday Night in front of a North Pattaya Condominium, where he works. Police were called to the Ananya Beachfront Condominium in Soi...

Four Kuwait Tourists injured in “altercation” with staff from Pattaya Go Kart Track

29th January, 2015
On Wednesday Night, Police were called to a Go Kart track located in South Pattaya following allegations of an assault by 20 Thai Men on 4 customers from Kuwait. At the scene, Police spoke with Mr. Aldul Raman Mun...

Pattaya Police search for Middle-Easterners following theft of money from Russian

29th January, 2015
Pattaya Police are currently searching for a Middle-Eastern man, woman and child, who are suspected of being involved in the theft of US Dollars from a Russian Tourist outside of a 24 hour convenience store in Naklua early on...

Firearms incident at North Pattaya Pub

29th January, 2015
In the early hours of Wednesday Pattaya Police were made aware of a shooting which occurred in the car park of a popular Thai Pub at the Northern end of Pattaya 3rd Road. One man had been detained at...

Foreigner Drowns in waters off Jomtien Beach

28th January, 2015
On Tuesday Night a foreign man drowned in waters off Jomntien Beach, opposite the entrance to Soi 7. Police and medics rushed to the scene and CPR was administered to the victim who could not be saved and was...

Woman dies in early morning road crash in North Pattaya

28th January, 2015
A 33 year old woman was killed and a male motorcyclist, suspected of being drunk, was seriously injured in a late night road crash in North Pattaya in the early hours of Tuesday. The crash occurred outside of the...

Boyfriend and Girlfriend in knife fight at East Pattaya Factory Compound

28th January, 2015
Police and medics were called to a Wood Factory in East Pattaya on Tuesday evening to deal with a man and woman involved in a drink-fuelled knife fight causing injury to both of them. The incident occurred at the...

Three Laborers injured in scaffolding collapse at North Pattaya Construction Site

28th January, 2015
Construction was halted at the site of a new 17-floor, 287 room Hotel in North Pattaya, on Tuesday Morning after a section of scaffolding collapsed injuring 3 Cambodian Laborers. The site is located in Soi Petragoon and is run...

Norwegian arrested for criminal damage of ATM in Jomtien

26th January, 2015
On Saturday a 46 year old Norwegian was arrested on Jomtien Beach, accused of criminal damage to an ATM. Police were called to the entrance of Soi 6 on Jomtien Beach Road on Saturday Night and were confronted by...

Canadian Self-Harms in South Pattaya over relationship issues

26th January, 2015
In the early hours of Saturday, Police and medics were called to the Marine Hotel at the end of Soi 16 off Walking Street to assist a 44 year old Canadian who had reportedly slashed his wrists after he...

Woman accused of stealing IPhone from Iranian at Pattaya Pub

26th January, 2015
In the early hours of Sunday, Pattaya Police were called to a Pub located on Walking Street which caters for Middle-Eastern customers after a patron claimed one of the service staff stole his IPhone 5. Police arrived and arrested...

Thai-British Man injured as bullet comes through roof of his Central Pattaya home

26th January, 2015
On Sunday, a 24 year old man with Thai and British nationality was injured after a stray bullet came through the roof of his house as he slept with his wife and 2 month old child. Mr. Michael Henry...

Ladyboy Show Performer killed in South Pattaya Road crash

26th January, 2015
A Ladyboy Show performer, who was driving home with his friend after finishing work at a well-known Ladyboy Show Theatre, was killed as his bike was rear-ended by a high powered bike being driven at-speed. The driver of the...

Pattaya Street Robbery Gang arrested by Banglamung Police

26th January, 2015
A group of 4 young men, thought to be responsible for a spate of street robberies which have occurred in the Pattaya and Banglamung areas, were arrested by Police over the weekend, who also seized guns and motorbikes belonging...

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