Easy Money, Expensive Pavement, Appeased Central Pattaya Residents!

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Over the last few days a dispute over an alleged unauthorized modification to public pavements outside of a new licensed money lending shop in Central Pattaya, have seen high-level interventions by local government officials which appear to have led to a satisfactory conclusion to Central Pattaya’s “Pavement Scandal”.

Easy Money, which operates licensed money lending shops around Thailand are about to open a new branch on Third Road in Central Pattaya. It’s General Manager is Khun Chirawat who was confronted recently over modifications to a 15 meter stretch of pavement which the shop wanted to use for motorbike parking.

What they failed to realize was that modifications to the pavement required planning approval from Pattaya City Hall which was not obtained prior to the works being undertaken.

On Thursday Khun Chirawat invited City Hall Officials and the local press to inspect the area which has now been changed again to how it looked previously. He apologized for the mix-up and promised to make no further changes to the pavement in front of the shop.

Local residents are now happy and the branch of Easy Money can now open as-planned on 5th July.

  • Ron

    Should have paid the officials first

  • John Guru

    What was he thinking? He must be a stranger, because we all know that there was no need to modify the pavement, because Thai motorbikes can easy park (and ride) on footpaths without modifications, as that’s what happens everywhere else in Pattaya. Could have saved himself the money and drama.

  • Pete

    Pattaya and ‘easy money’ the perfect combination!

  • Squatter

    Pavement…..what’s that. Never saw any in Thailand.

  • gwats1957

    I’m going make a point to go look at this pavement when arrive in October. The sidewalks in Pattaya are a nightmare!