DSI and Pattaya Police arrest Illegal Russian Money Lending Agent

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Acting on an arrest warrant issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court, the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) Eastern Branch in cooperation with Pattaya Police arrested a 25 year old Russian late on Saturday Night, accused of being part of an illegal Russian Money Lending Operation.

Officers followed the suspect to the front of a Starbucks Coffee Shop inside Central Festival Pattaya Beach where they intended to arrest him. The suspect, Mr. Ayrat Khabiryanov aged 25, ran away to his Toyota Fortuna in the car park of the shopping Center where he was eventually detained.

Inside the vehicle was details of at least 10 Russians who are thought to be clients of the suspect.

He was take back to his Central Pattaya home where officers first noticed two posters in Russian Language, which were attached to the front fence of his home, offering loans to Russians.

Inside the house were copies of passports and other items which confirmed details on the warrant which accused the suspect of lending money to other foreigners at rates not permitted under Thai Law. He was also accused of working without a Thai Work Permit.
On Sunday Morning at the DSI Offices in North Pattaya, the Deputy Interior Minister, Governor of Chonburi Province and other officials attended a press conference to announce the arrest.

The Deputy Interior Minister revealed how the suspect worked for a larger organization which also involved Thai Nationals. They would lend money to other Russians of between 5,000 and 30,000 Baht at an interest rate of 60% per month or 2% per day.

If the customers failed to pay on the agreed dates their original passports would be confiscated. The Russian detainee had been reportedly running the operation in Pattaya since November 2012.

  • Phoenix

    It seems that in every important russian ‘s arrest,DSI is involved or acting.
    As I think to be naif,can anyone explain to me why,in this kind of operations, Pattaya Police doesn t
    work alone or pre-emptive ? Thank you.

  • Pattaya guy

    Why make such a big to do about this, other than the fact that he is a foreigner. Don’t get me wrong I have no sympathy for the Russians. However there are tens of thousands of Thai doing the exact same thing across the country. I don’t see the office of the Interior Ministry doing a photo opportunity when and if the Thai’s are arrested !

  • IanB

    What’s the big deal? Thailand loves Russians. On arrival Russians are made honorary Thai citizens. With the ability to work and scam their fellow countrymen. Guess this Russian didn’t get his free work-permit-on-arrival when he went through immigration.

  • George Jones Jr.

    @Phoenix: For your information, the DSI-Eastern Region, under the skillful leadership of its Director (Khun Prawit Chaiboudaeng) has been tasked to clean-up Foreign criminals operating on Thai’ soil. The recent arrest of an Italian criminal in the North of Thailand; the recent raid on another Italian Boat-Builder swindler in Pattaya and the rolling-up of this Russian-based lending scam are just a (very) few examples of their effectiveness.

    The DSI, contrary to popular belief, are doing a sterling job in their attempts at eradicating these Transnational criminals, who are giving the rest of us a bad name too.

    Great job Khun Prawit & his Team !

  • John

    Perhaps they should lock the victims away too. They cannot be normal if they take a credit with 60 percent interest rate a month. There must be a lot wrong with them.

  • khun Thai

    YES! We need more Russians in Thailand…

  • Phoenix

    @ George J. Jr. Thanks for your kindly explication. Yes,I red about the Italian boat-builder in Pattaya,but I missed of the other in north.May ask you also about that one ??
    By the way,I agree with you on sterling job do DSI,and hoping Pattaya Police will take it like an exemple. Regards.

  • Randy

    A very small-time money lender trying to make a few bob… not quite Al Capone is he? The lad can’t even afford a pair of socks! :-)

  • Auality Tourist

    20 years in Bangkok Hilton and this P.O.S. will learn the lesson…

  • tr4pattaya

    Your stepping in on the Thai’s business. That’s the reason for the write up and arrest. You can’t get a work permit for a job a Thai can do.

  • weasel

    @pattaya guy…thais are loaning money in their own country to their own people.wrong,yes,but this baby faced potato head should not be in pattaya in the first place.

  • craig

    So maybe the Thais will benefit from some good old fashion loan shark competition. After all there does seem to be plenty of interest profit to warrant competition with the Thai mafia. Maybe the Ruskies could offer sales like 59% a month.

    The war that would insure may help rid the Thais of both groups.

  • gk

    It always amazes me how quickly operations such as this pop up within a group of people when they get to a new place. Tourists in need of some quick cash to extend their stay go instead of going back home to their dread existenses seek out these guys and borrow some money from them. Of course the tourist doesn’t have any ways of making money or legitametly borrowing it. So this often rolls on into crime to pay back the lender.

  • weasel

    @ gk too right mate.who would want to go back to russia.then again russians and russia deserve each other.

  • JohnP

    60% per month works out at over 28,000% per year APR. Hardly small time!

  • Maverick

    You must be one of these cringeworthy fashion victims who wears socks with flip flops and sandals!

  • Rob

    That simply won’t happen I’m afraid!