Russian “Sex Show” on Beach in Pattaya

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A couple believed to be Russian treated bystanders to an x-rated show of affection early on Wednesday Morning on Dongtan Beach opposite the entrance to Pattaya Park.
Our cameraman caught the sexual act on-camera and as he got closer the action appeared to intensify.

Such acts in a public place are frowned upon in Thailand and are in contravention of Thailand’s obscenity laws which meant the couple could have been arrest at any time by Police. Despite this they appeared to enjoy the attention and carried on their love-making for all to see.

After 5 minutes of public passion the naked pair went to cool off in the water and then made their way home. It was noted that this happened meters away from a Police Station.

  • Ianb

    Let them have their fun. It was obviously early in the morning and two consenting adults. Good
    For them and the peeping Tom cameraman

  • Wally

    I hope the 2 lads enjoyed themselves.

  • Romela Adventuress

    If the couples can do it in their country because it’s allowed…then please don’t do it here as it is not allowed! Respect please because if not then it will be rampant in the near future.

  • DevilsBreath

    Russian invasion!! Got to love Pattaya Now!! Soon you will see all bar girls replaced by Russian women… LOS (Land of Smiles) to LOF (Land of frowns)

  • Robert

    Sex is the only real attraction Pattaya has to offer anyway, so let them have their fun.

  • Ron Argo

    How much for the video?

  • YoDude12

    Then they cooled off in the excrement and urine, as though it was a dip in paradise!

  • Rob

    near future??? … it’s rampant now!

  • prick

    dirty beaches at all

  • keeran


  • Romela Adventuress

    ow! I am not updated then..

  • tim

    if they were russian, then im sure it was paradise for them.

  • honest john

    they are russian.. they can do what they want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oceano AD

    Yes in Russia is allowed for 1 year of jail in exchange. Most of the ” small” crime they do here are punished whit long term jail in theyr county.

  • UncagedTexan

    That is so disrespectful! Thai culture is so beautiful and to be respected. Their visas should have been pulled and sent home.

  • tr4pattaya

    Is it possible he was saving her from drowning? When they reached shore, he was making sure she was still alive. How nice…..

  • Faraon

    do not judge you be not judged awake. And if it were the Germans and the Americans it is that time off! and secondly there is no proof that it was a Russian!

  • weasel

    the ruski must be hard up.all the thai darlings here and he brings his own sand to the beach.deport this trash!

  • Faraon

    student record version!

  • Faraon

    Earthlings but why go to Pattaya vacationers. the city of the sex industry to krivetok and fruit to eat?

  • Tango

    5 minutes is about the norm for most men! I wonder if Dubai is on their bucket list? lol

  • tim

    why has the guys nipples been frosted over ?? it doesnt take much to work out they are both men … also its where men hang out …
    theres less proof ones a woman that there is they are russian.

  • PattayaOneADMIN

    I can confirm the faded body parts are that of a woman, trust me, I have seen the uncut video!

  • tim

    do post it then .. on second thoughts.. dont!!

  • Khun Ruskin

    All the haters are just jealous they have to pay for sit in bars and watch ping pong shows and other disgusting act ,but to people doing it on the beach while on holidays offends you LOL!!

  • SangSomSoda


  • Bigpussy

    I see so many sexy Russian lady around Pattaya now some look better then a lot of Thai girls in bar areas ,but some look like they are just released from Siberia hard labour camp very hard expression not attractive at all if you want to try need Viagra for sure, and a few shots of vodka,good luck punters I,ll stick to the local girls much more user friendly as will .

  • russian

    I live in Russia. Here girls do not find sex on beaches at night cool because in summer there are a lot of people. Even late at night. And in other seasons it is too cold. Beach season lasts only three months. Maybe somewhere on wild shores you will see such a picture but russians will not publish it in a such way. Rich russians do not travell to Tay. They prefer european countries and now Maldivas are popular. By the way. Why they are to be russian??? Maybe from Ukraine or even Europe..

  • Muff diver

    Actually most Pattaya holiday or expat customers spending up large and having a good time here in the go go and bar areas with the friendly female company really would not be interested in the Russian rooting display on the beach the majority would simply laugh about it or shake there head and carry on enjoying there own holiday here pay tor play thats what goes on here its no big deal.

  • American

    The Thai Police should throw the russian couple 10 years in jail, then they know how to behave in the Western World. I am sick and tired of russians who have no manners at all!