Glamour and Glitz at Miss Tiffany Universe 2013

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On Friday Night at the Tiffany Show Theater in North Pattaya the 2013 Miss Tiffany Universe contest took place.

For some it can be hard to comprehend the fact that all competitors were born as men and their Thai ID Cards show their title as “Mr”.

The contest began with 100 entrants who were whittled down to 10 who took part in the televised final, shown on Thai National TV Channel 7.

At the end of the night the winner was announced as contestant number 22, Khun Naetnapada who won a Honda Jazz worth 500,000 Baht and vouchers from sponsors worth 1.5 Million Baht. He will compete in the Miss International Queen 2013 contest later this year and attempt to become the most beautiful transsexual in the World.

Second Place went to contestant number 6, Khun Chananchidar who went away with 100,000 Baht in cash and sponsor vouchers.

Third Place went to the hot favourite to win the final, contestant number 21 Khun Sopidar who won 70,000 Baht in cash. He also won the swimwear contest “Miss Kiss Sexy Star 2013”, earlier in the night.

The other finalists were all given 15,000 Baht each for making it through to the last round.

  • frankie thunder

    im speechless,,,,what can i say— not for me but good for them,,,,will they really collect all that money…

  • Jake

    Hoiiiiiiiiiii,sexieeeeeee maaaan!!!!!

  • pete

    Its weird and confusing

  • Don

    yes, once he works it off.

  • Rob

    I’m guessing all the judges had impaired vision or are seriously into massive silicone jugs! The winner wouldn’t look out of place at the coconut bar, pretty much looks just like another bloke in drag to me!

  • Offshore44

    Wonder if they have the same competition in Saudi Arabia or Malaysia?

  • Tomtom

    No fighting this year?

  • frankie thunder


  • Wally

    After they whittled it down to the final 10 contestants, the other 90 were taken to the police station and fined 200 baht each, then released.

  • gwats1957


  • gwats1957

    Classic joke!

  • Lincoln

    Guys in frocks winning money, do people really pay money to go watch ?


    If there men I’m a homosexual.555555555555555




    You must have met a few of these during RnR time in Vietnam.

  • frankie thunder

    believe it or not we not get much R-n-R …ive seen more here in san francisco and in pattaya

  • frankie thunder

    you should see all the tour bus’s bring in chinese and others…the parking lot is full….