Pattaya “Mafia” assaults Security Officer at Pattaya Port

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A video has appeared on You Tube and Facebook reportedly showing the Brother of a member of local government assaulting a Pattaya City Hall Security Officer at the Bali Hai Port in South Pattaya, in front of coaches full of foreign tourists.

The video was produced by someone who was able to obtain security camera footage from the Security Checkpoint where the officer was stationed. Captions in Thai Language suggest the Port is now controlled by “Mafia” and it is now not safe for Tourists to go there. These claims are refuted by Pattaya City Hall who are aware of the incident and have reported it to Police who are thought to know the identity of the attacker who works at the Port.


On the day of the attack, the Officer was taking pictures with his mobile phone of alleged traffic offenses. The attacker is thought to have ignored one-way traffic signs and conducted an illegal U-turn. The taking of the pictures infuriated the attacker who entered the security checkpoint and grabbed the officer and, in full view of port workers and tourists, was seen to strike the officer. He then made his way into the government building and grabbed the camera phone.

The situation then escalated even more as a tractor was brought in to block the road causing major traffic jams as coaches full of tourists waited for the incident to finish.

The attacker remains at–large at time of publication but we understand contact with him has been made and he has been asked to attend Pattaya Police Station to give his side of the story.

  • gwats1957


  • frankie thunder

    sounds like this punk thinks he’s such a big shot because brother works at city hall…and he can do anything….he should be tossed in jail for long time………

  • weasel

    he’s been asked to attend pattaya police station.thats nice of them,sounds like an invite to a party.nothing will come of this for sure.

  • IanB

    “He has been asked to attend”

    Good to know if you commit a crime it’s voluntary to deal with police.

  • Ron

    What is the difference in Thailand between Mafia and Police?

  • Beefeater

    So what’s new? The whole town is controlled by the local mafia. Most of them wearing brown uniforms or sitting around in City Hall.

  • comtwice

    Police Mafia,Town Hall mafia,Baht Bus mafia,Speed boat mafia, Jet ski mafia,
    Thailand will always be a third world country nothing will ever change.

  • pee_paub

    Not “thinks”, actually “knows”.

  • Butch

    In my beloved America, they would be burying him in a week or so. You don’t put your
    Hands on police there.

  • Tomtom

    The only way to deal with mafia is to cut the head, even if another head grows back, this is the only way.
    That or be ruled by mafia, up to you.

  • teo

    Mafia my ass, he’s just a thug that needs a good kick in the balls, although it was nice of the police to invite him round for tea, in N, Ireland where i come from the police would have been dragging him to jail by his feet, MAFIA haahahaha

  • Freddie

    Let us hope he gets his just desserts, sadly if he has money or influence it will probably end up being the security officers fault for getting in the way of his fists!!!!!!!

  • frankie thunder


  • gwats1957

    This place has no limits to it’s lawlessness. In America, the FBI or State Police would move in, and clean the place up, but in Thailand, who can you appeal to this isn’t taking ‘Tea Money’? I’ll visit, but I’d never live there full time.

  • Dan

    Thailand is NOT a third world country!!!

  • trevor

    well they need to stop acting like one so

  • Pg50

    Go there as turist and surf on the surface. Dont expect anything more then pleasure for the money you pay on a daily basis. Everything else will lead to disapointment.

  • comtwice

    Hi Dan what makes you think Thailand is not a third world country give me one reason!

  • frankie thunder

    DAN may be right…here in the states about a year ago on T.V. the reporters said wasington d.c. updated a short list of countrys to 2rd. world…thailand was one of them…..having said that at times it still feels 3rd. world or even 4th. world….

  • Pete

    The average tourist doesn’t know even half, whats going on in the underbelly of Pattaya!
    There is so much money floating this town, that its a magnet for crime lords around the globe.
    Everyone want his share of the pie.