Australian dies at South Pattaya Guest House

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A 75 Year Old Australian, who is thought to have consumed sex enhancement medication, died in a Guest House located on Walking Street in South Pattaya, early on Thursday Morning.

Police were called to the Guest House just after 3am and were directed to room number 34. Lying on the bed in a state of undress was the body of the Serbian-born Australian. An initial inspection of the body was made and there were no signs of trauma. Next to the bed was an orange coloured oval tablet identified as Cialis and a packet of condoms.

The man had been earlier accompanied to the room by a young woman but before they engaged in any sexual activities he consumed one of the tablets and then fell asleep as he waited for the medication to take effect. The young woman, who was not named, then claimed to see the man convulse and then stop breathing. She summoned assistance from staff at the Guest House but he had already passed-away.

The body has been sent for a post mortem examination and the Australian Embassy in Bangkok has been informed.

  • Ben

    At least he went down swinging. RIP, Milos.

  • chubby checkers

    So many tourists/expats dying in a state of undress either before or after the act in Thailand. Add to this regular road fatalities, high rise drops and other “mystery” deaths – it does make a business case for more funeral parlors offering remittance services.

  • John

    One more sex tourist who did not make it back home. Putting all the cost together it might have been cheaper to have his last sex at home. I do not understand those guys with their sex enhancement drugs – dead or alive ;-)

  • Rob

    Close but no cigar …… the poor old dude fell asleep then died before he got his jollies ….

  • gwats1957

    Sounds like he had a pre-existing heart condition, and the Cialis finished pushing him over the cliff. RIP.

  • rob

    Could be a fake sex drug bought on the streets.You never know what the ingredients are.

  • Pete

    They come with a suitcase, they leave in a bodybag………

  • Billy Diesel

    All the folk on this topic who label him as a ‘sex tourist’, maybe he was but as Pattaya is renowned worldwide for adult entertainment – are all of you all blemish free ?.
    You all seem to be quick at pointing fingers, or only do you come here for the golf courses ?

  • Rob

    Well lets just see how you perform when you’re 75 years old, stud!!!

  • frankie thunder

    yea your right..

  • frankie thunder

    its easy JOHN,, your junk can not get hard anymore and stay that way,,you need help,,thats why people take them…………

  • Rob

    Billy …. I take my hat off to the old guy … I’m certainly not here to check out the blooms at Nong Nooch …. although to be honest, I have done in the past!

  • Rob

    Hey Frankie, seems our friend John is not wise to the big bad world of ED and it’s saviours … lets just say a prayer for him tonight and hope he finds salvation when his ED time comes ;-)

  • svenbigben

    nope , he struck out on foul tip

  • tr4pattaya

    The young lady did the right thing. However, Mr Milos had his time to say Bye Bye, Maybe not so bad.

  • pete

    whos next

  • gwats1957

    Richard Pryor said it best, and I’ll have to clean this up just a bit… He said, ‘You only get two pieces of ‘tail’ your entire life…. your first, and your last. Anything you get in between is ‘gravy,’ and I’m assuming most of the males on this site want get as much ‘gravy’ as they can before they check out of this life. Well, we know of one guy whose gravy train has pulled in for the last time. RIP.

  • Chef Duc Thailand

    Men read the article 75 Yrs old !! you think whats ?? remind your word John and then if you lucky to be at this age let us know if all work well in your side !! Stupid comments look your self first before pointing other !! specially for those are hold and want enjoy the life Cheers

  • Neil

    WTF.. 75? He’s just a nipper.. I’m coming up to 77 and still performing like a whippet on speed. Blueys! Ya can keep ‘em. I’ve been married to a lady , yonks younger than me, from Nakhon Sawan. for 8 years. It’s a fact that the most beautiful pale skinned women come from NKS.. As an old git, ya gotta keep yourself in good nick. My waistline is 34inches, same as 30 yrs ago. OK, I’ll admit to a spot of flat lining now and again. But Jeez man, who but a knockout Thai bird as the ability to get ya up and running in no time.

  • Butch

    What a way to go

  • Freddie

    Hey, there are a lot worse ways to go! After all he could have become a member of ‘The Pattaya Flying Club’ and taken the short route down from his hotel room!

  • Don

    yeah Australian, ok… RIP and not a bad way to exit the planet, although he just missed out on that one last shot…

  • Don


  • Rob

    yeah, terrible …. stumbled at the last hurdle!

  • kim

    Maybe he was….He Was..(end off) in patts pay your money take ur Chanch!
    its always been like that it wont change, some u win some u Loose.

  • john

    there is a guy dead here,leave all the smart comments and have some respect for him and his family…r i p..

  • chromodynamix

    Do not take CIALIS/VIAGRA if you take medicines called “nitrates” such as isosorbide dinitrate or isosorbide mononitrate which are often prescribed for chest pain as the combination may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.

    Probably the biggest cause of enhancement drug deaths in Pattaya!

  • james

    What sound better. Died in brothel at 75. Going strong and enjoying life? Or died in a hospital at 76, And still owes all he has to pay the bill?