Central Pattaya Fairground “headache” for Pattaya Police

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A Central Pattaya fairground which was visited by Pattaya Police early on Monday Morning following complaints from local residents and allegations that illegal gambling was taking place at the location, is still operating as normal, despite warnings from the Police to comply with the law or be shutdown.

We secretly filmed at the fairground, located on the site of the old Xzyte Discotheque, late on Tuesday Night and saw stalls offering patrons the chance to win cuddly toys in exchange for money, operating as normal and a loud concert was once again at sound levels which could affect local residents who need to sleep early so they can awake in the morning for work.

Pattaya Police have received further complaints from local residents and are expected to re-visit the fairground which continues through until 7th May. But, for now, it remains open and is alleged to be breaking anti-gambling laws without fear of possible Police action.

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  • Sambo

    Whats with Thai people and having noise cranked up to the max
    Sometimes its so loud in Mall like Walking St bars and other bar sois you just walk in and do a u turn and walk out its impossible to speak to anyone without shouting to be heard not a smart business practice but will they ever understand that,they are not all like this i realise but alot are!

  • apachepat

    all over the world stalls giving patrons the opportunity to win prizes are considered “games of skill” and NOT gambling ie if you have the skill to bust a balloon or knock down a few cans you can win, harmless fun and ANYWAY I have seen these types of games stalls in Tony’s disco walking street for years but I suppose if you have already big money and friends you can do what you like, only poor operators break the law..

  • baresi

    ‘we secretly filmed at the fairground’…are you the complainants concerning ‘dartgate’??

  • frankie thunder

    SAMBO–maybe the thais think the LOUDER it is the more people will come…