Two Animal Rescues in Sattahip

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Tuesday was a busy day for volunteer rescue workers as they were called to two incidents where they were asked to rescue animals.

The first case occurred just after 1pm at the Gonganok Massage Parlour in the Plu Ta Luang area in Sattahip District. The owner of the business is Khun Benjawan aged 49 who alerted her staff to a problem after she jumped on one of the massage beds and began to scream uncontrollably. This was followed by her staff running out of the shop and shouting profanities on the way.

A 2 meter long Monitor Lizard had calmly walked into the shop and crawled behind a TV cabinet and was not coming out for anyone. It was left to a brave Police Officer to control the animal and hand it to rescue workers who will keep it until its owner claims the animal as they are sure it is a pet and not from the wild.

The second case occurred at the site of a popular market in Sattahip District just after 5pm. Khun Pimjai aged 50 is the owner of a 4 month old cow named “Namfon” who had been missing since the night before. She discovered the animal in a 2 meter deep storm drain on Monday Afternoon.

A rescue plan using ropes was formulated and eventually the young cow was rescued. The animal appeared agitated but unharmed and ran off into the sunset to join the rest of its herd.