3 Year Legal Rights Protection Program begins in South Pattaya

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On Tuesday a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed to mark the beginning of a 3 year pilot scheme to protect the rights and offer legal aid to individuals and companies based on Walking Street in South Pattaya.

At the Pattaya Public Prosecutors Office situated on the Sukhumvit Road in Na-Jomtien the MOU was signed between the office and the Walking Street Committee. The scheme comes into effect immediately and it is hoped that anyone who is involved in any form of civil or criminal dispute will receive immediate legal advice and pointers on how to obtain legal aid.

The scheme will include Thai’s and Foreigners who are offered the same legal rights under the Thai Constitution. The Public Prosecutors Office will work closely with Pattaya City Hall, Pattaya Police and Pattaya’s Tourist Police to ensure the scheme is effective in educating people on their legal rights and ensuring they understand their legal options in any dispute they may become involved in.

The Public Prosecutors Office will work hard to ensure that access to their Rights Protection and Legal Aid Department is made easy through promotional leaflets which will be available.

  • Cliwe

    During 3 years people will have their legal rights, read legal rights fullfilled.

    At least if they are working or doing something else on Walking Street, great!

    What about other areas?

  • Paul England

    I’ve got a good idea, lets have a meeting, look like we’re doing something for a change, invite the media, make a bold meaningless statement, and then forget all about it.

  • EODGhost

    Two words that don’t compute in Thai culture: Legal and Rights. If you have money, you do what you want, whether it’s legal or not. If you’re poor or a foreigner, you have NO rights.

  • Dean

    Dead right.

  • gwats1957

    It sounds like a noble endeavor…..sounds like…..

  • comtwice

    Lets all have a think about it put it to the back of our minds and completely forget about it as it will never happen as long as I have a hole in my .rse

  • Don

    What about my business in my soi, or dont we count?