Passing-out Ceremony for 103 Navy Recruits at Sattahip Navy Base

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On Monday Morning we attended a passing out ceremony at the Sattahip Navy Base for recruits who have completed 2 years compulsory military service.

Here in Thailand all Thai Men aged 20 must take part in a lottery for national service. Each man must train with the Royal Thai Navy, Royal Thai Air Force or Royal Thai Army. However if there are no positions available then they become exempt from National Service. Also those who are currently studying can delay their national service until they complete their studies.

The recruits who have completed the 2 years of service and have decided not to continue with a career in the Military are now free to leave. The current group of 103 recruits will officially leave the service on 1st May and were presented with certificates and badges to remind them of their time in the Royal Thai Navy.

For their superiors it is hoped they will learn from their experience and use knowledge gained during the 2 years of service in their futures lives and employment.

  • frankie thunder

    learn well in case of war…………….maybe it will save your life someday–it did mine..(U.S.NAVY)..

  • joe ebejer

    I don’t understand how the Thai government has the balls to charge these poor boys for the food they eat ..After all they are giving there lives for there country .

    Can someone explain ?

  • Deadhorse.

    Joe Ebejer,
    Sorry i do not have an answer to your question but perhaps it is another
    money making scam.
    At the moment i have big problem explaining to my sister that it is normal for Thai
    ladies to go around naked after sister found photos on camera

  • Snowball

    Tis’ similar to BIB asking drivers for tea-money or town planners asking for a ‘donation’ to allow developers build over side-walks or prison guards asking prisoners to pay for a bath. When in Thailand those down the ‘bureaucratic food chain’ pay. Its the amazing part of Unseen Thailand tourist brochures hope people won’t see.