Hero’s welcome at Sattahip Navy Base for three Navy bomb victims

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On Monday afternoon at the Sattahip Navy Base, hundreds turned-out to welcome three members of the Royal Thai Navy who had been injured in a bomb attack in the troubled South of Thailand. Four of their colleagues were killed in the attack and three others remain in a serious condition.

The incident occurred on 22nd April in Narratiwat Province. A 25kg Gas Cylinder was filled with explosives and the Navy Team were sent to investigate the suspicious item. During the inspection the device detonated killing four and injuring six.

Three of the injured are now well enough to continue their recovery in Sattahip so they can be close to family and friends and were transferred to the Sattahip Navy Base from the South on Monday.

The three are Petty Officer First Class Sayan, Petty Officer First Class Tongchai and Petty Officer First Class Sarawoot and were able to walk off the plane to waiting ambulances after an emotional welcome from friends, family and work colleagues.

They will now continue their treatment at the Queen Sirigit Hospital in Sattahip.

  • joe ebejer

    The Thai government makes these poor men and women who are willing to give up there lived for there country ……..PAY FOR THERE MEALS …Can you beleve that ?

    Wow .

  • frankie thunder

    my hats off to them and the fallen comrades,,,i was in the navy during vietnam….i know what there going through………………