19 year old burglary suspect caught red-handed at South Pattaya Apartment

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A young woman was caught red-handed rummaging through belongings in a South Pattaya apartment early on Monday Morning and later claimed to Police she was under pressure to steal items of value so she could take care of her demanding girlfriend.

Just after 1am Police were called to the apartment complex in Soi 24 off the South Pattaya Road and were directed to a 3rd floor room occupied by Khun Siriporn aged 35 who had just returned home from the Tuk.Com IT Center where she works in a Mobile Phone Shop.

As she approached her room she noticed the light was on and saw the woman sitting on her bed going through her personal items. Khun Siriporn was assisted by neighbours who detained the woman as they waited for the arrival of Police.

Officers also determined a neighbouring room was also broken into and the suspect was preparing to remove a laptop computer from that room which had been placed on the bed. Police seized a screwdriver and pair of pliers which the suspect is thought to have used to force-open the doors to both rooms.

Later at Pattaya Police Station the suspect told Police she was desperate to raise funds so she could take care of her girlfriend which Police decided not to believe. She was charged with two counts of burglary and awaits a Court appearance.

  • kuayai

    You could call her a tom cat burglar.

  • gwats1957

    Change her name to ‘Khun Light-fingered’!

  • gwats1957

    Or, perhaps….. ‘Khun Larceny’?

  • kevin

    luv it..lol