Serial Fishing Rod Thief caught at Pattaya Port

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A spate of fishing rod thefts at the Bali Hai Port, located at the Southern-end of Pattaya Beach, may have now come to an end, following the arrest of a 25 year old man.

Khun Chanin aged 25 is the owner of a Fishing Boat which he parks at the Bali Hai Port and for some time he has seen fishing rods, stored on his boat, mysteriously disappearing.

He decided to set a trap on Monday Morning by leaving fishing rods in clear view on the deck of his boat and with the assistance of crew members, they were able to catch the suspect, later named as Khun Winai aged 25, who was transported to Pattaya Police Station.

During questioning he claimed to have no intention of stealing the rods and only wanted to borrow them to go fishing with. After that he would have returned the rods to the boat.

Police decided not to believe the story and charged him with theft and he now awaits a Court appearance.

  • Don

    His story sounds a little fishy to me? Sorry all, had to be said lol….

  • kuayai

    Not a great catch for the BIB but I suppose it brings an end to one line of enquiry.

  • weasel

    he fell for the trap HOOK, LINE & SINKER!sorry that was awful.

  • Pete

    What a jerk!

  • rusty

    He took the bait!