Bizarre story behind 25 Baht Water theft from Central Pattaya store

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A 45 year old Building Contractor who had 100,000 Baht in his pocket decided to steal a 25 Baht bottle of water from a Central Pattaya Convenience Store early on Monday Morning so he could go to Prison to avoid a legal dispute with a Karaoke Bar Owner.

Police were called to the store in front of Soi 8 on Pattaya Beach Road and arrested Khun Pasagorn aged 45, who was taken to Pattaya Police Station along with the water which he is alleged to have taken from the shop without making any attempt to pay for it.

During questioning the suspect revealed that his company were responsible for a fire at a Karaoke Bar on 27th March. His tools were destroyed in the fire and the Bar Owner wanted compensation for the blaze, which completely destroyed the interior of the Bar.

The pair could not come to an agreement over a re-payment scheme so Khun Pasagorn decided the only option left open to him was to commit a crime and go to Prison where he could “buy himself some time”.

His plan did not work after the store manager decided not to press charges after she was informed of the reason behind the theft. Khun Pasagorn was given some advice by Police of how to proceed with his case and his wife was called to the station to collect him.

  • Christer Blomberg

    This is Thai behavior in a nut shall !!

  • teo

    he should have punched a police man, that way his feet wouldn’t have touched the ground on the way to jail,

  • George

    What a drip.

  • Kinnock


  • Doremon2013

    Amazing Thailand !!!

  • Prick Thai

    25 Baht for a bottle of water?
    Must be one of those f-tv luxury proll water
    He even could’ve stolen a beer in equal amount :)

  • soidog

    He does not need to buy the time,the judge gives it free.

  • weasel

    this story dont hold water!

  • frankie thunder

    strange man-strange story………….

  • trevor

    remember he had100k in his pocket,plod would be have forgiven him in about 100 seconds

  • Skip

    This guy has the emotional maturity of a 2 year-old, throwing his rattle out of the pram. These Thai guys need to grow some grapefruits and face up to their responsibilities.

  • Eodghost

    Douche bag. Congrats, you just lost 100,000 baht