Central Pattaya Fairground raid by Pattaya Police

<#img src="http://www.pattayaone.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/fair-6.jpg" alt="Central Pattaya Fairground raid by Pattaya Police" style="width:690px; margin-top:-50px" border="0" />

In the early hours of Monday Pattaya Police were called to a fairground located on the site of the old Xzyte Discotheque on Pattaya Third Road to investigate claims that illegal gambling was taking place and that excessive noise was coming from the site which prevented residents from sleeping.

Officers arrived and saw evidence of widespread gambling and noticed the music was at a very high level for the time of day. After the music had been taken care of, officers turned their attentions to the fairground operators and detained two vendors who were suspected of running fairground attractions which allowed patrons to win items such as cuddly toys in exchange for money.

Police determined this was in contravention of Thailand’s anti-gambling laws which date back to the 1930’s and seized cash and other items which were taken into evidence.
At Pattaya Police Station the two vendors were charged with a number of gambling offences.

  • Reno

    looks like the coppers arrested a light bulb…fantastic work they deserve the 60 baht tip in the photo!

  • jim pattaya

    LMAO, busting dart games for toys! Probably just about the only place in the WORLD where this is a crime. Thailand, hub of stupidity.

    Wouldn’t police be doing a better job looking for drugs, scams and weapons on Beach Road?

  • baresi

    hahaha,it just gets better..or worse?…i don’t know..patts has got my head in a twist!

  • soidog

    We all love the it. Its the madness ,paralogia and sheer incomprehensibility of it all,gives me
    a lot of wonderment, i mean what is a lottery if not a gamble with the strict incentive of a monetary
    prize? hypocritic self serving cant of the first water.

  • adrian

    Is this an attempt to fool people into thinking that there is no serious crime here ?? This must be the only “crackdown” that has lasted more than a week !

  • tr4pattaya

    Please not again. Win a “Teddy for your Steady” is illegal. What a shame.

  • Pete

    I see a bucket, a energy saving bubble light and 60 Baht!

  • frankie thunder

    seems to me the cops got there money,,,,and the cops kids got the toys…