Police hunt for middle-eastern man accused of South Pattaya store theft

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Police are hunting for a middle-eastern man who was caught on CCTV entering a “Staff Only” area of a 24 hour convenience store who then allegedly stole 6,000 baht from a bag belonging to a staff member.

Police were called to a 7-Eleven Convenience Store, branch number 7949, situated at the front of Soi 15 on Walking Street, South Pattaya, just before 3am on Thursday to investigate the alleged theft of money.

Khun Maroot aged 20, who works in the store, told Police that the man was caught leaving the “Staff Only” area and when challenged he claimed he had gone to use the toilet. He then angrily left the shop after a brief confrontation with Khun Maroot.

Police checked security cameras and saw the man enter the restricted area when Khun Maroot was working elsewhere in the shop. After the middle-eastern man left the shop Khun Maroot checked his bag and found that 6,000 Baht in cash had been taken and he suspected the middle-eastern man may be responsible.

Police are now searching for the suspect who remains at-large for now.

  • Koby

    khun maroot should have” grown some balls “and made a citizens arrest on this dropkick.

  • jo-macral

    6,000 baht… That is equiv to a months salary in the employees bag? Little hard to believe, and think he is using the Middle-eastern man as a fall guy for a fake theft.

  • tim

    store number 7949, i didnt reaslise that soi was so long

  • Paul England

    Why are CCTV cameras so useless.

  • EODghost

    I think there are 7949 7-11s in Pattaya. =-)

  • gwats1957

    We would probably be wise, and not ask Khun Maroot how that cash was earned.

  • frankie thunder

    GWATS,, he does look the type….i know what you mean…

  • weasel

    @Ali Lamki….whats a thihf?

  • Jake

    I need to hire one of these Ali-baba’s to appear on my CCTV just before I call my insurance company to claim my stolen 10M Bht cash, 4 video cams, 6 two-baht gold chains, the refrigerator, flat-screen telly, laptop, i-pad, i-phone….my maid….etc,etc.

  • middle-easter bunny

    Perhaps it’s an invitation for middle-eastern men to “still” from you :)

  • Larry

    40 years to long you have been here jake your brains burnt out with a comment like that go have a massage.

  • Phoenix

    Really ? You invested a lot of money ? ? So sorry for you.