Woman in Coma after fall from 3rd floor apartment in South Pattaya

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A 29 year old Thai woman is currently in a coma following a fall from a 3rd floor apartment in South Pattaya early on Friday morning. A friend suggested excessive use of illegal drugs was to blame.

Police and rescue services were called to the PNP House Apartments on the Pratmanuk Road in South Pattaya early on Friday Morning. Medics assisted Khun Nutidar who was lying face-down on the pavement at the front of the apartment block in a pool of blood. She was still breathing and semi-conscious at the time and was rushed to Hospital where she was placed in a medically-induced coma after Doctors saw swelling on the brain.

Police spoke with the victims friend who stays in a neighboring apartment who received a knock on her door earlier in the night and claimed Khun Nutidar stated that someone wanted to kill her and she needed help but the friend claimed the victim appeared under the influence of drugs and refused to let her inside her apartment. Instead she told the woman to return to her room and go to sleep.

Moments later a commotion was heard at the front of the apartment complex and it was soon clear the woman had jumped out of her apartment window.

Police checked the victim’s room and saw no evidence of a struggle or third-party involvement. Khun Nutidar remains in a coma for now.

  • frankie thunder


  • Jake

    These people live their entire lives in a coma

  • Wardy


  • Maurice

    Thats a very hash thing to say.
    I suggest you head out and have a massage you seem very stressed out and aggro just remember don,t take live to serious have a laugh Jake

  • Rob

    If she was high on drugs then there’s no sympathy from me!

  • John

    Drug use is somehow the first kind of suicide. And such drugs can be alcohol too. I really feel petty with her. We all have just one life and her life is not less important than yours.

  • Jake

    I’ve been observing them and living among them for better than 40yrs …..how about you …idiot.

  • Jake

    Well how “petty” of you….remember “pet the sweaty stuff….don’t sweat the petty stuff”

  • Skip

    This is like that Scottish bloke that jumped off a bridge the other week – Is this a side effect of drugs, thinking you can jump from great heights onto concrete and walk away unscathed?

  • Fritz

    What a living legend 40 years, observing and living with Thai people here in Pattaya.
    You must have drunk alot of beer and bar fined alot of bar girls in that time quite a momumental acheivement Jake a true veteran in the expat community

  • frankie thunder

    JAKE,,,im old school like you…i do see your point,at times it sure seems that way…