67 year old man accused of sexually assaulting 6 year old girl in East Pattaya

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Nongprue Police, who are responsible for the East-side of Pattaya, arrested a 67 year old man on Sunday Morning, accused of sexually assaulting a 6 year old girl, 4 times.

Police received a complaint from the Mother of the girl, who both live in a small housing estate in East Pattaya. The Mother works at Night and leaves her daughter in the care of a 67 year old neighbor, later named as Khun Somshai.

On Sunday Morning, she returned early from work, at about 4am, and noticed some suspicious behavior from Khun Somshai, which led her to believe he may have sexually assaulted her daughter. As she arrived home, she noticed he seemed ruffled and was also seen to place his underpants in his trouser pocket as if he had got himself dressed in a hurry. He quickly left on his bicycle. The girl appeared distraught and reportedly told her Mother what had happened.

Later in the morning the pair presented themselves at Nongprue Police Station and the girl was sent for a medical examination confirming that there had been a disturbance in her genital region but full sexual intercourse had not taken place.

Eventually the suspect was found at a friend’s house in Soi Neun Plub Wan after a search for him took place. It is thought the suspect’s daughter provided Police with information of his whereabouts after she was told about the allegations made against him.

Khun Somshai confessed to assaulting the girl on four separate occasions when he was looking after the child while her Mother went out to work. He had attempted intercourse on the four occasions but was unable to penetrate the girl, according to his Police Statement.

Khun Somshai was charged with sexually assaulting a minor under the age of 15 and currently awaits a Court appearance.

Editors Note: We would like to clarify that the woman in the pictures which accompany this story are of the suspect’s Daughter. We are not showing pictures of the mother and are censoring the picture of the victim to protect their identities. 

  • Concerned

    He should be put in jail the rest of his sick life

  • wheebang

    He should be put in jail for the rest of his sick life.. What a sicko.

  • Chuck Wow

    His punishment should be 9 days of getting hit in the face with buckets of water.

  • Wardy


  • gk1

    The suspect has a daughter?!!!? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to separate him from that little girl?

  • cut it off

    In most cases raping of minors happens amongst well-trusted family or near related backgrounds does it?
    good helpful uncle bad brother holy priest whatever

    who would expect that by a 67 yr old grandpa

  • frankie thunder

    CHUCK WOW —>make sure its boiling water …………

  • AdamRich

    Damn. I thought the daughter was 67. She goes to Lucifer every night and always comes up to me to say hello. All the other girls there say she is crazy.

  • frankie thunder

    no because that would make to much sense…and we cant have that in pattaya

  • gwats1957

    When I first read this, I was afraid I would post something so vicious, I’d get banned off the site. Now I ask, why didn’t he just go out back, and hang himself? His fellow cell mates will surely seek him out for ‘Jail house justice’, and it’s going to be awful.
    Sex crimes against the very young, and helpless, defenseless adults are the worst things possible.

  • JohnP

    I know it’s not the daughter’s fault her dad is a nonce, but it seems incongruous that she appears to be enjoying the attention