East Pattaya Webcam Sex Show operators arrested by Police

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Three Europeans and three Thai’s were arrested early on Saturday Morning at a housing estate in East Pattaya, accused of producing and distributing pornographic videos and live webcam sex shows.

Police Major General Katcha, the Provincial Police Commander held a press conference at Nongprue Police Station on Saturday Morning to announce the arrest of Mr. Ethan Marcel Christopher Janzwarts aged 46 from The Netherlands, Mr. Zagar Luka aged 32 from Slovenia and Miss Melanie Pirich aged 27 from Austria. Police also seized a selection of sex toys and video making equipment at the small village in Soi 27 off the Siam Country Club Road just after 5am on Saturday.

Police obtained a search warrant based on information gained from a subscription web site which showed pre-made videos and live webcam sex shows. When Police entered they saw Miss Pirich in front of one of the cameras and she appeared to be in the middle of a show and was wearing only a bikini. Three Thai Nationals were found in another of the houses at the resort and were identified as participants in a number of the videos found on the website. 3g of Crystal Methamphetamine were also found in one of the houses and all 6 individuals subsequently failed presumptive drug tests.

The website is operated from the United States of America and the arrestees claimed they were paid via international money transfer from the US.

The group have been charged with a variety of offences relating to the production and distribution of pornographic material which is strictly forbidden in Thailand. This despite the fact they denied knowledge of these laws and thought their actions were not illegal.

  • Ghostrider

    “Pornography in Thailand is illegal” Says the Thai Police strolling down walking street…

  • Joe

    The police are just doing their job.

    People like this need to be out working in a (police owned) bar or brothel earning an honest living.

  • http://twitter.com/ComputerSays Danderson

    I want to see more evidence.

  • chris100

    Expensive camera but they are using some of the cheapest and most unreliable dvd discs (princo) you can buy.

  • WirelessRd

    “production and distribution of pornographic material is strictly forbidden in Thailand” – Can do ping-pong, balloon, dart and cluck-cluck. No poblem. Upto you. Photo No 3 does not leave a lot to the imagination. Is the ‘lady’ in Photo 5 demanding a bar fine?

  • ianB

    The drugs would be the only kicker in this case. The porn aspect is laughable.

  • Peter de Vries

    How appopriate that always drugs are always being found in these porn cases.

  • Nick

    You do know go-go bars are legal in Thailand?

  • Ben

    I presume it only ended up with the police due to the ever increasing bribes not being timely paid.

  • RandomGuy

    Show me tokens bb!

  • Derek

    lol @ “doing their job”… translation: weren’t sufficiently bribed.

  • Rob

    It’s what goes on inside most of them that isn’t!

  • Roger Ramjet

    And I heard you look like Brad Pitt too.

  • Umpa Lumpa

    Send them all to the Bangkok hilton. I’m sure someone will enjoy they’re company.

  • Brad Pitt

    I’m old and wrinkled now.. I don’t want to look like me.

  • Jale

    The woman with tatoo is a mother of toddlers,a drug user and a porn actress.

    Does this trash need to come to Thailand and continue their perversity?

  • Moloko

    What other country would you propose?

  • prick

    So all these live bum-bum show clubs in Pattaya are legal?

  • tr4pattaya

    Oh my, sex in Pattaya?

  • paul k

    O M G crime of the century

  • http://twitter.com/MilaMilanxxx Mila Milan™

    I didn’t pay bribes..never did ..so you are correct

  • http://twitter.com/MilaMilanxxx Mila Milan™

    do you have them ? an m.. connaisseur I see ..

  • http://twitter.com/MilaMilanxxx Mila Milan™

    perversity , trash ..hmmmm … drug user ? show me the evidence … and by the way jealousy is a nasty character flaw….

  • frankie thunder

    they got busted because they stayed too long in one place…..besides there all of age and nobody got hurt…leave them be….

  • geezer

    fair play hands up you got caught – pay the old bill few quid !! Dont believe for 1 moment you didnt realize sex video/webcam shows were legal.
    was going to do the same thing 8yrs ago – when i found out the laws left it alone.
    like they say pay your money take your chance…. your in oneof the worlds sex capitals of the world. laws in thailand are crazy.

  • pimplesbian

    hey mila milan well i’m happy that you out and don’t worry about haters keep doing your thing!!! you will always find out who your true fans are then you will find out who the scum bags are love always brooklyn730

  • Derek

    I’m glad to hear you came out of this OK, Mila… best of luck to you.