Underage Sex Worker Sting at Pattaya Soi 7 Beer Bar

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Officers from the Police Region 2 Child and Women Protection Unit conducted an undercover operation at a popular Beer Bar in Soi 7, Central Pattaya on Thursday Night whereby a Foreign Operative was able to pay 6,000 Baht allegedly in exchange for sexual services from a 16 year old bar employee.

The operation took place at the Rolling Stone Beer Bar and as soon as money was handed over and it was clearly stated the girl would have sex with the operative, Thai Officers moved in and detained the girl and arrested the Bar Manager Khun Nipon aged 34 and the Bar Cashier Khun Nuangjan aged 29.

A 23 year old mixed-race man was also arrested and accused of obstructing the Police in their duties.

All those detained were taken to Pattaya Police Station for further legal proceedings.

  • WTF

    WTF, 6000 baht, was that for a week?

    Once again it was the sacrificial manager and cashier that got arrested while the owner hides in the shadows. It isn’t right that the owner (again) got away without being arrested and charged. If the bar is Thai owned not Farang, then it is understandable.

  • Jake

    Well for cryin’ out loud, you could probably get Miss Eastern Seaboard and her sister for 6,000Bht.

  • prick

    If she was older is it legal to have sex for money in Thailand?

  • Ben

    How do you know the owner won’t be charged?

  • frankie thundeer


  • frankie thundeer


  • Umpa Lumpa

    It’s of course outrageous that a 16 year old girl is prostituting herself but what is more outrageous is how willing the local bars recruit and encourage them to sell to perverted or perhaps unknowing farangs that just want good sex. That’s why most of us get our sweeties at the bars instead of the street. We assume that since they are working that they are of legal age.

  • Peter de Vries

    In the Labor law it says that employees may provide services in massage parlors.

  • gwats1957

    I like that stretch of Beer bars on Soi 7 from second road down to the Beach Road around 3 in the morning. What a Circus!

  • tim

    Not Roiling Stone Bars any more after a letter from the bands management. Have been called Rolling Live for a number of months now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alan.lockhart Alan Lockhart

    No it is not legal to pay for sex in Thailand at any age but unfortunately the girls who work in the industry come from poor families and if they don’t do family wont eat viscous circle and while the police force make easy money from getting money from the bars and clubs to let them do business it will never end but still illegal just everyone has something to gain so a blind eye is turned

  • Beachman

    Tea time!!!

  • frankie thundeer

    yes i know what you mean….been there a few times myself…3am at walking street is no picnic eather

  • Moose

    Angeles City is way more entertainment better value then Pattaya the girls are easier to communicate with to!

  • prick

    So if Pattaya bar girl told me last night “you sesyyyy maaaan I luv you long tiiiime” what does it really mean???

  • kevin

    Well get out now if u r still there,if not dont go???U muppet.

  • Wes

    Pattaya here to stay! having a great time here must be a muppet alright if all he can do is find negative things to say.

  • scott

    tomtom is right. This girl is not in patty cuz she wants to be. nobody will help her except herself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/choukroun Nicolas Choukroun

    I have stayed in Pattaya 3 years and I have left to a more beautiful and secured Island… Farangs are living, and criminals are arriving. Stay there. See you soon in the news.

  • Peer of the Realm

    6,000 baht for a quick bonk? That’s a crime!

  • I noze

    The bar IS Thai owned.

  • Winchester

    If you think Thailands the worlds brothel will your sadly mistaken its only really Pattaya,and Bangkok,that has any in real numbers another cheap shot and negative comment jockey
    I,m off to soi 6 for another enjoyable afternoon and a few cold beers.

  • WirelessRd

    As a native Thai I’m allowed to be as negative as I wish. Farang jocks or apologists who find third-world candor difficult have a choice to leave.,

  • Henry

    So being a proud Thai man WirelessRd what are you going to do about this to bring Thailand up to Singapore and Taiwans level as you would like to see happen and change “Thailand the worlds brothel” specialist .