DSI raid Italian Boat-Builders Premises In Pattaya – UPDATE

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Here is a press release we are publishing in it’s entirety issued originally in Thai Language by the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) Eastern Branch in relation to developments in the case against Mr. Raoul Bianchetti:

On 25 July, Mr. Raoul Bianchetti, Italian Citizen, aged 47, was summoned to appear at the DSI, Region 2 (Pattaya), where he was formally indicted on allegations of operating a business, as an alien, (construction of yachts) which is a profession reserved for Thai nationals as specified in the 3rd category list (21) without permission contrary to the law under the Foreign Business Act in 1999, Section 37.

The said accused has entered into agreements for the construction of yachts with a value of Baht 10 million and more to some foreigners in the local area of Pattaya City, totaling more than 50 clients. Virtually all customers experienced problems, were unable to get their boats as agreed with regards to their requirements, as per agreement – and needed to pay extra money. The materials used were not in accordance with their agreements.

The DSI, Region 2, is of the opinion, after exhaustive investigations, that the conduct by Mr. Raoul Bianchetti, as mentioned, was likely to defraud the public and that this has caused a bad reputation to the Thai yacht building industry.

The evidence obtained is presently being compiled in the ongoing investigation against Mr. Raoul Bianchetti who started up 2 companies but apparently with Thai individuals holding shares as ‘nominees’ which is contrary to the law under the Foreign Business Act in 1999. The value of income gained from the customers was not deposited into the company accounts, thereby by-passing the Thai Revenue Department and in violation of the Custom’s Law of 1926. These companies have been operating in the Pattaya-City area for some 15 years.

Here is the original story we published in February 2013:

On Wednesday Morning a large number of DSI Agents, led by the Bangkok DSI Organized-Crime-&-Mafia Taskforce, descended, simultaneously, on some 6 locations in Chonburi Province – and raided numerous properties reportedly belonging to an Italian national Mr. Raoul Bianchetti.

Acting on search warrants issued by the Pattaya Provincial Court, Computers, digital storage devices and many boxes with Company documents were seen to be confiscated and taken away by the DSI agents.

Mr. Bianchetti is suspected of a number of serious crimes such as Tax-Evasion, Tax-Fraud, Theft-from-Clients, Extortion, Intimidation, Nominee-Company exploitation, and making threatening statements to clients, suppliers & Government Officials.

The DSI (Department of Special Investigations), Thailand’s equivalent to the FBI, state that in addition, it appears that Mr. Bianchetti had also defrauded more than 40 of his, unsuspecting, boat-building clients for more than 350 Million Baht since 2008.

As a result of numerous complaints, the DSI started to look into the affairs of the companies owned by Mr. Bianchetti and the raids were the culmination of this extensive investigation.

The companies being looked into by the DSI which are under the alleged control of Mr. Bianchetti are: Raoul’s Sailing Center Co., Ltd., RB Power & Sailing Co., Ltd., Clapham Family Co., Ltd., PEET Co., Ltd., Lilliput Resort Co., Ltd., and Cybele Co., Ltd.

  • Bobby

    Mr. Raoul, do you remember the nice man you cheated with the BLACK CAT? Destroyed his life and his dreams and made his family suffer without end. Your usual way to cheat customers. Create some trouble and arguments towards the end, charging extras more and more, delay for months and months, not deliver and then total avoid customer. Then start with threats and bullying, playing your “connections”. Eventually just sell the boat again to somebody else. That is your way of doing business. You are nothing but a low life criminal. This cat has been built below any standards and is now falling apart, unusable also for the second “owner”. It rots away like most Raoul boats, in some yard near Ocean Marina, Pattaya. Great to read, that you got kicked out of Thailand and we all can’t wait was is coming next. Jail in Thailand or Italy? You are a miserable human being. Shame on you. BOBBY

  • Choppy

    The fraudster is in Italy and can not come back. Some hope he will try, so! One way ticket to jail. But when cases in Thailand & Dubai judged, will start the extradition to both countries. All on track. Everybody happy he is out of Thailand in the meantime. Calling this idiot and criminal a camel is an insult to any animal.
    What a slimy little cu….t. He will get what he deserves. Let him enjoy his days in relative freedom, won’t last. He is probably ripping-off some Italian friends right now. No worries. They will wise up. What you feel about your fellow country-man BisuBisu? “Choppy”

  • Blueseas2000

    Thanks for the warning, very interesting: universalboatplans.com = Raoul Bianchetti
    Google reveals the truth.
    Doubtful many people fall for this: Flashy website / Lousy Designs / Not 1 Happy Customer or 1 Good Reference in 10 years / Shitty owner / Horrible Track Record / Complete Failure/ Well Known Allover As Cheat.
    Anybody knows where the >> Fastest Man In Thailand <> businesses <>Blueseas2000<<

  • John Percival

    This evil man’s horrific reputation is continuing even when
    he’s not even in Thailande but hiding in his native Italia . . . . . Just hear
    in the Ocean Marine the people talk about him boat builded for a Thai man named
    Khun Woot (or something closing to it). Is about a 36 feet Catamaran and they launching this laste week.
    When this boat go in the water, it almost sink and the waterlineo is far under
    the water of that river. Then, moment later, the engine-rooms it flooding with
    water also. Massive damages to the engine and now they must take boat again out
    of the water to make many repair-jobs. This Khun Woot is not just only very
    unhappy but is very very angrier and swore to make the actions against this
    Raoul Bianchetti man, who is, obviously, not the expert boating-builder he
    saying he is !
    guessing this must then become No. 55 Victim, because before last week was ‘only’
    54 Victimes . . . . . Amazing Thailand: thank you Mr. Raoul ! ! !

  • Blueseas2000

    John P.: I have been present at that launch, as involved in adviser capacity in this case, after removal from Thailand of this Italiano con-artist. Another catastrophic boat, built by R.B. The owner might have well thrown his millions into the river and seen them floating away. Sadly one more victim added to the long list of R.B. Any news on his whereabouts? People would really like to see him locked up in a Thai prison for his dirty deeds. Blueseas2000