American accused of unlawful encounter with 13 year old girl on Pattaya Beach

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A 38 year old American was caught in a compromising position with a 13 year old girl after meeting her on Pattaya Beach, early on Tuesday Morning.

Officers from the Police Region 2 Child and Women Protection Unit were monitoring the 13 year old girl around 4am on Tuesday Morning and were about to detain her and take her into care when they saw an approach by the American, later named as Mr. Neal Rosenthal. The pair talked for a while and then went back to a Central Pattaya Guest House together.

Police monitored the exchange covertly until the pair arrived at the room. Moments later officers entered the room and found the pair in a state of undress. He revealed that he had paid the girl 700 Baht for her to accompany him to the room but he was told by her that she was 19 years old and Mr. Rosenthal was allegedly unaware of her real age.

At Pattaya Police Station Mr. Rosenthal was charged with conducting lewd acts with a girl under the age of 15 and the case will now be handed to the Courts for further processing.

  • Gary

    We are not called, we call ourselves. But I know many people just simply can’t understand much. That’s not your fault, you’re the normal one don’t worry.

  • Marc Hawkes

    Undiluted nonsense. If a girl does not seem overly mature & overly built then an alert sounds. Not sure why a “customer” does not go to “the desk” to check the ID ie: if a girl does not have it on her. Besides, this girl had no desk since she was freelancing around Coconuts Bar. So not checking an ID (no matter where its “kept”) does not keep the customer “alive” – as the yank has discovered. When in doubt, keep out. Those who take risks must wear the costs associated with risk-taking. Those hungry for something very young & tight might just get a fright.

  • jonny

    Entrapment i think,but good,No symphany for mr nonce,he must of knew she was underage.Good luck to the police in catching the next pheado

  • simon

    Preying on the underprivileged and exploited – what goes around comes around.

  • dodo

    I met this guy in the police station, definitively a great guy who has been trapped by the police. When I was there they were speaking about a girl 17 yo. Then (money speak) the girl age changes and went down to 13 yo which is about 10 year behind bars. I feel bad for this guy, after speaking with him, I had the conviction he was genuinely trapped and that it was not his intention to break the law.

  • Pattaya Farang

    She was being monitored by police… sounds a bit like entrapment to me…

  • FlamingBull

    Honeysuckle, wud u read it if the ID was stuck to the kid’s forehead or will you complain that you left your reading glasses with your prosthetic ?

  • ken pohlmann
  • Long Time Resident

    May of us live here. You are a fool.

  • Bob

    Rubbish” Sunny,” there is a lot of stigma about prostitution here, and as for buddhists not looking down on hoes, well thats total B.S.

  • sympa

    «Only because you, disgusting horrible men exist, does this industry exist. And you are all to blame».
    Sorry, Thoses mens (tourist sexuel) have to be to blame and not YOU (men) ARE ALL TO BLAME. If threre are not 1 lady accept that ways = there are not tourist sexeul longer… Thanks.
    HERO are all LADYDs who work hard and respect tradition. I have all my respect to thoses LADY first.
    I also understand and comprehension to the people whose chose the ways money aesy maker too…Hope paece to all.

  • sangsomwithcoke

    “i have been overseas for over 7 years now working as a scuba diving
    instructor. i am marrying my long time girlfriend in a few days and i
    have a one year old shitzu dog so life is pretty complete at the moment”

    ….from pretty complete life to pretty complete shit life in some seconds. Wonder what his girlfriend/ wife is thinking now because her husband is taking young girls from pattaya beachroad in shorttime hotels ^^

  • Lee

    Mr IanB
    As I’m a happily married to a Thai women for 9 years (sometimes)
    I must be one of the few men that has lived and worked in Pattaya and Bangkok andto have never bar fined a girl or walked along the coconut bar to pick up a girl.

    If that makes me “Classy” then thanks , most Thai girls/women hold there looks is very hard to tell how old they are, as I tried to point out in my post she is 13 in any walk of lifeshe would look young .At no time alarm bells didn’t ring out in this guy’s head???

    So Mr lanB if youdon’t know me then don’t judge me.

  • Ryder

    His girl was pretty cute, way out of his league and he was still trolling Beach Rd. for cheap sex. I’ll never understand guys like that. If your going to cheat at least do it with some class.

  • tommy

    I D”S are only given at the age of 15 i think what a guy to do at that age is just scum

  • gwats1957

    It will keep you alive if she / he was going to drug/rob you in the room. Where I stay, the lobby calls up before the guest leaves with their ID card. Those folks don’t need you dying in their hotel rooms!

  • gwats1957

    Flaming Bull, please do not procreate! Too inbread for normal folks.

  • gwats1957

    It is your responsibility to make sure you are keeping adult time with babies! Am I wrong?

  • craig

    Although I do window shop where ever I find opportunity I do not think I have ever picked up anyone from the Coconut Bar not just because of the beat up road whore look but because of a plethora of red flags.

    My classiness is equal at 4PM and 4AM because I am properly looking at the back of my eyelids in the wee hours.

    I would say Thai girls develop late because it seems it takes until about 19 or 20 years of age to properly fill out a padded A-cup size bra.

    If they did not wear different clothes (sometimes) I would not be able to tell if a Thai child at 13 is a boy or a girl. Ah, I am sure I would see it is a kid.

    This sounds like a setup and the key is don’t walk into a setup. At 4 in the morning if the cops did not get him there is a good chance someone would have gotten the job done.

    The idea of perv, perv, perv, hang him, hang him, hang him is a slippery slope that could be very well argued and expanded by entrepreneurs in other categories other than age.

  • Jimmy

    I have to agree with you on this, I’m betting he knew exactly what he was getting himself into here!!!!

  • Phoenix

    Oh,Gary,sure i don t worry,it s you that should be worry. By the way,I am happy to be the normal one,and believe me,I understand more that what you think,even if i cannot well explain,being not English my mother language.

  • Raver

    Because the police is under big pressure and results are fast needed…
    Pattaya News with your views?

  • Raver

    Possible in the moment a lot of sh*t is going on, because the police is
    under big pressure and results are needed. If taking a girl to your home
    make sure u can read her id and be sure it´s here id and not a fake id,
    so best go to police station, and let 2 officer proof it, so u can save
    a lot cash and trouble……because of you will never go home with a

  • Raver

    But you can all guess, if the guy have had money enough (500 000 B up), nothing would have happen.

  • Robert

    Actually Section 277 of the Thai Criminal Code defines the age of consent at 15.

    ” “WHOEVER has sexual intercourse with a girl

    not yet over fifteen years of age and not being
    his own wife, whether such girl shall consent or
    not, shall be punished with imprisonment of four
    to twenty years and fined between Bt8,000 to
    Bt40,000. “

  • gwats1957

    Is there is a point here? What he did was illegal, immoral, and could land him in a Thai jail for a very long time. 13 is not 15, and common sense tells you to steer clear of girls this young so far from home.

  • DonJuan

    Some really idiotic comments on this thread.
    I don’t know the person involved, but try to think clearly. Pedophile looking for a victim at 4am?? Unlikely. Secondly I knew of a girl working in a bar at 14. There was no way she looked her age, as she was very well endowed. She was the most popular girl in the bar.I refused all advances and acted more like her big brother. She told all her customers that she was eighteen. I’m still friends with her more than five years later. Now she has a child and stays at home. I know of another girl who simply had the date changed on her ID card and only viewing the card under magnification revealed the truth. Other girls can simply use a friend’s ID card.
    So it is not as ‘cut and dried’ as the majority of posters might like to think. Especially as the girl’s age has ‘changed’ in differing accounts.
    The idiot made a big mistake, especially if he already had a partner. But child molestation does not appear to be his modus operandi.

  • Cippan

    No, the age of consent in Thailand is 15. But you are not allowed to
    work as a service girl before 18. You are never allowed to work as a
    prostitute as it is illegal, and the result of that is very obvious in

  • gwats1957

    No, Mr. Cippan, when you are in a foreign land, you need to conduct yourself as a guest, and not get yourself into these situations. I’ve passed on more than one young lass in this place because she seemed too young, or I encountered her in an unusual place, like Beach Road at an odd hour. Our 38 yr old friend got caught walking on the wild side, and should have passed on this one, as I understand he allegedly had a fiance waiting for him at home.

  • Alan Lockhart

    bar fines are illegal my friend as is prostitution and public nudity ,pornography drugs and gambling your info is way of base read the law muppet

  • Alan Lockhart

    id cards are issued at 7 yrs old as my sister in law is 7 and we just got hers