Pattaya Tourist Police arrest Danish Motorbike theft suspect

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On Thursday Night, Pattaya’s Tourist Police arrested a Danish National in Pattaya accused of stealing a rented motorbike from Phuket and demanding money from its rightful owner to secure its safe return. Police Lieutenant Colonel Arun, the Inspector-in-Charge of the station received information from his counterpart in Phuket that an arrest warrant had been issued for Mr. Dennis Mark Knudsen aged 24. Information received by the Phuket Investigators suggested the man was hiding somewhere in Pattaya. The warrant stated that on 1st June 2012 Mr. Knudsen is alleged to have rented a motorbike from a shop in Kathu District in Phuket province and failed to return the vehicle in accordance with the rental agreement. When the owner of the bike contacted Mr. Knudsen he is alleged to have demanded money otherwise the bike would not be returned. The case was reported to Kathu Police Station on 27th August and arrest warrant number 432/2555 was issued on the same day by Phuket Provincial Court. The arrest of Mr. Knudsen was made at an unspecified apartment in Pattaya on Thursday Night. He will now be transferred to Kathu Police Station for processing. He failed to confirm or deny the details of the warrant during his stay at the Pattaya Tourist Police Station.

  • Observing

    It would have been great if the owner was part of the Phuket mafia and they got their hands on this loser.


    what a load of **** !!

  • jonny

    @Observes,Wishful thinking,hopefully tuk tuk,or jet ski mafia,blinking marvelous,let them see how it feels to be ripped off,he s obviously using there tactics nicking the bike then asking money to return it

  • Beacon of darkness

    Guess it might be a few months or years before he returns to Copenhagen.

  • Born to Die

    What a mug he is now deported i hope for good .

  • craig

    Just the fact that he rode a scooter from Phuket to Pattaya proves this whack job is a real hard ass. If I get on a scooter for 30 kilometers I am screaming to get off the darn thing and take a break. Scooters are great for down the street and back but cross country travel deserves more thought. Maybe next time he will consider stealing a car and demanding ransom money.

  • Mike

    No Farang get jailed in Pattaya get deporteded, i see people on town that running telescams first on the frontpage of newspapers then back in business days after, Pattaya could save a life before but officers liked teamoney better :( Its a BIG shame that people that are convicted for crime in there homecountries can come here and keeping doing bad business :(

  • Kamel

    This guy is not unknown for cheating. Was selling concert-tickets. Collecting the money but forgot to hand over the tickets :)

  • frankie thunder

    “CRAIG” how right you are on this story…just an other “BIG DUMMIE” !!!!

  • Alfred

    I can nowhere read that it was only a scooter. I read from a Motorbike, what can, also be a 600.000 Baht Sport bike.

  • bruce

    What a MORON!!!…the bike shop has copy of his passport/ID and this jackass is demanding a ransom for the bike.. Un-real. This is the worst way to extend your Thai Holiday by 1 year..