39 year old motorbike driver killed in Central Pattaya road crash

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A 39 year old female motorbike driver was killed in an early morning road crash on Sunday in Central Pattaya. The accident occurred on the Sukhumvit Road in front of Pattaya School Number 5 and led to the death of Khun Warunee. Witnesses confirmed she was driving her White and Brown Yamaha Fino and was preparing to cross all lanes of traffic with the intention of turning right into Soi Siam Country Club when a fast moving Black Toyota Vios driven by Khun Panapar aged 40, failed to see the bike and slammed into the smaller vehicle at high speed. The road conditions at the time were dangerous due to heavy rain and surface water on the road, which is thought to be a contributory factor. The car driver was arrested and is currently being questioned over the accident which has yet to see anyone charged. 

  • dave thompson

    And another one bites the dust!