Police Volunteer suffers broken arm during chase with necklace snatch suspect

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A Pattaya Police Volunteer suffered a broken arm during a chase with a man accused of being part of a 4-man-gang accused of conducting an earlier necklace snatch. The crime occurred on the Naklua Road and Police Volunteers were the first to arrive on-scene. They received descriptions of the assailants from the male victim who was on a Baht Bus when his necklace was snatched from around his neck by a motorbike passenger who came up beside the Baht Bus. One of the four men, Khun Egarak aged 21, was arrested on the Sukhumvit Road, opposite the Central Pattaya junction after a brave volunteer rammed the suspects motorbike with his own bike. The man was arrested and taken to Pattaya Police Station where his arrest was announced during a press conference. Also present was the injured Volunteer and the victim who was able to identify the man as one of the gang members. Khun Egarak, who was recently released from prison told the gathered media that he needed money to buy a school uniform for his girlfriend. Police are now searching for the other gang members.

  • adrian

    “he needed the money to buy a school uniform for his girlfriend” Really! not for drugs or alcohol then ? Luckily for his girlfriend he appears to be headed back to prison.

  • Saujana

    ..why not get a job?
    …oh of course nobody hires an ex-convict,maybe he wants to go back then

  • soidog

    The girlfriend isa very lucky lady indeed.
    This one is a winner alright.

  • Wally

    It almost makes me want to stop wearing my beautiful gold necklace when I go out, but it makes me look so manly and powerful I just can’t stop. That and the Axe cologne.

  • frankie thunder

    good for this guy duty what he felt was his duty…to bad he broke his arm…

  • Observing

    lol Wally.

    These mugs wanting to show off with their tacky necklaces.

  • trevor

    hey we all need money to get our girlfriends school uniforms,we get it through hard work

  • Jake

    School Uniform?…Makes me wonder if this is the same girl that got the guy sent off for trying to come up with her college tuition or perhaps the girl who the Aussie a while back tried to rob a gold shop to present her with a wedding ring????…Or maybe this town is just full of dopes who can’t come up with a better story than….”the girlfriend made me do it”