Unlicensed Beauty Product Factory shut down by Chonburi Police

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Police in Chonburi have uncovered a factory producing unlicensed beauty products, including tablets and creams. Police and district officials conducted a raid on a shop-house located in Chonburi City and detained Two Thai Nationals and a group of Burmese packers. A search of the location uncovered thousands of containers of beauty products which are not FDA Approved and are therefore potentially dangerous. At this time in Thailand, many websites offer these products to mostly Thai customers, promising weight loss, improvements to skin and an overall younger look, The website attached to this particular operation did state that the products are awaiting FDA approval but Police checks indicate no such license application has been submitted for now. If you purchase any beauty products or medicines in Thailand please ensure it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. On the packet the FDA logo will be visible along with a 13 digit number. On this occasion the Burmese workers were found to be illegal immigrants and the Thai owners of the business, Khun Packawat aged 34 and Khun Warapon aged 35 were arrested and the unlicensed items were seized and will be destroyed.