Two arrested after Police Checkpoint drama in South Pattaya

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Two men who fled from a Police Checkpoint in South Pattaya early on Thursday Morning were later arrested and caught with illegal drugs. The Checkpoint was located at the front of Soi Khopia on the South Pattaya road, an area of high crime. Police spotted one motorbike which they wanted to stop and conduct a search of the vehicle, it’s driver and passenger. The bike driver failed to stop when ordered to do-so and a chase began through the streets of Pattaya which culminated in a road accident on Third Road in Central Pattaya. The two men, Khun Samrit aged 27 and Khun Wichien aged 30 were searched and a total of 10 Yabba Tablets were found concealed inside boxer shorts worn by Khun Samrit. Both men were taken to Pattaya Police Station where Khun Samrit confessed to using drugs and selling some on to local teenagers to fund his habit. 

  • Born to Die

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  • Don

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