Second time around for Pattaya Taxi thief suspect caught by Bangkok Police

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For the second time in his life, a man has been arrested for stealing a Bangkok Taxi. Police Colonel Tamanoon, the Pattaya Police Chief, announced the arrest of Khun Tongchai aged 26 on Tuesday. He is accused of stealing the taxi which belonged to Khun Pira aged 52. He explained that the suspect had rented the taxi from Bang Yai District in Nontaburi Province on the border of Bangkok with the intention of travelling to the Pattaya Remand Prison to visit a friend incarcerated there. A return fare of 2,200 Baht was agreed upon and the first half of the journey was completed without incident. The Taxi then left the Prison with the suspect and the driver was asked to stop at the Potisan Market in North Pattaya. The driver was asked to deliver some papers to someone at the market and when he left his vehicle, the suspect jumped in the front seat and drove off. He was eventually arrested by Police in Minburi, a small District in Bangkok and returned to Pattaya Police who then processed the case. The suspect had previously stolen a Bangkok Taxi and had been released from Prison only a few months before where he served time for the offence. Due to a lack of job opportunities he decided to steal another Taxi and travelled back to Bangkok where he picked up passengers with the stolen vehicle.

  • Jake

    He must be saying to himself..”I don’t understand. It worked so well the first time”???

  • jonny

    Worlds dumbest criminals,undisputed,he s just visited a prison that would of been full of cctv cameras along with his previous for same offence,must be some great opportunities for criminals with brains here


    And picked up passengers!!! That’s cheeky…Hope Khun Pira learnt never to leave the keys in the ignition, at least he got his car back.

  • Rod

    It’s people like him that give taxi users a bad name.

  • Don

    All he ever wanted to do was meter.