Transsexual Temple Thief caught by Police in East Pattaya

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A Transsexual accused of stealing pots and pans from atleast 10 Temples in the Pattaya and Banglamung areas, was arrested by Police on Monday for failing to return the items he had borrowed some time ago for an outside function. Monks recognised the man who was spotted close to the Pong Temple and called the Police who were able to detain the man, later named as Khun Paitoon aged 23, who did attempt to escape but was soon captured. A routine search uncovered a small packet of the class 5 drug Marijuana hidden inside a pill box. Khun Paitoon was charged with possession of the Marijuana and when questioned about the items borrowed from Temples, he confirmed they had been sold-on to second-hand shops, but, he claimed it was not his idea and it was a friend who persuaded him to sell the items.


  • craig

    Ah, by the title to the story one might think this is about a transsexual temple.

  • Jake

    Too bad there is no crime against persuading a friend to sell his stolen pots and pans….if so it would be easy to find his friend… many friends could this man actually have?

  • Jimmy.

    Ladyboys, eh? They don’t age very well…

  • tim

    he didnt sell them .. they are stashed under his shirt …

  • trevor

    oh yeah a bigger boy told me.23 going on 3.probably got talked into being a tranny also

  • Don

    I Feel Sick.

  • Kev!