Drunk driver blamed for early morning road crash in Central Pattaya

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Early on Wednesday Morning a suspected drunk driver is thought to have caused a road accident on Third Road in Central Pattaya, injuring a mobile street vendor in the process. The vendor was rushed to Banglamung Hospital and is currently in a serious but stable condition. Witnesses told Police, who were quickly on-scene, that three men inside the White Chevrolet Cruze jumped into a Black Toyota Vigo which arrived moments after the crash and the vehicle left the scene at-speed. Police did attempt to locate the pick-up but it had already left the area. Police were told how the Saloon car approached the area and was being driven erratically as if the driver was intoxicated. The car first struck a side-car used by the mobile food vendor who was travelling slowly. The car then struck 6 stationary motorbikes and then mounted the kerb and came to rest at the front of a small Vietnamese Restaurant. No other injuries were reported but the scene was difficult for Police to control due to drunk patrons who were sitting close-by at a small Pub which was still open. The investigation continues.

  • Don

    Drunk irresponsible cowards! Hope they catch the driver before he/she does it again and actually kills someone! Hope the vendor pulls through OK.

  • adrian

    I am very sorry to hear the drunk driver was not injured,only innocent people were hurt.I hope the police will be able to catch these criminals.

  • ianb

    Drove through this scene at about 6am. It’s 3rd road just north of Pattaya Klang. Sorry to hear of the injured person but looking at the scene it could have been much worse. There were alot of wreckage

  • Observing

    Lucky no one died.

    Irresponsible, selfish, inconsiderate idiot scum bags who drink too much and drive a car or motor bike.

  • Rob

    Sympathies aside, but how can the police not control a crime scene … they have guns don’t they? Apart from tracking down the offending driver, I hope they have a good look at the licence of the “small pub” who was still serving the inebriated patrons who the police could not control.

  • frankie thunder

    i agree with all you guys on this story…IANB im stateside now but i wish i was back there still on holiday

  • ray

    ‘ Witnesses told Police, who were quickly on-scene, ‘

    Because the police whree in the small pub at the time !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hal

    Would a GOOD CANING be a DETERRENT for Drinking and Driving. For sure it would be awhile before they set behind the wheel or anywhere for that matterHMMMMMMM, I wonder?