Two seriously injured in North Pattaya road accident

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Late on Tuesday Night a Honda Civic crashed into a Cement Mixing truck on the Sukhumvit Road just North of Pattaya. Police and rescue services were soon there to deal with the crash which resulted in serious injuries to the driver and passenger of the Honda Civic. The driver of the Cement Truck, Khun Pradit aged 51 remained at the scene and told Police that he was initiating a u-turn when the small car hit the centre of his turning truck at high-speed. Police are questioning the truck driver further at this time although they tell us he appears not to be at-fault. The car driver and passenger are expected to pull-through despite the seriousness of their injuries. 

  • frankie thunder

    was booze to blame again…most likely

  • Loookstrouble

    If the lorry driver was ,as said, initiating a u turn from the inner lane and blocking the road, he was at fault, but in thailand that seems ok.
    In Europe you would be at fault and would be facing a term in jail.
    The traffic laws here are a joke, and by the way if you are a farang, no matter who causes it, you are at fault, fact !!