Bellboy at Central Pattaya Hotel suspected of stealing ATM card from Hotel Guest

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A Bellboy at a Hotel in Central Pattaya was arrested on Monday accused of stealing an ATM card from a guest room and withdrawing 60,000 Baht from their account through an ATM located close to the Hotel. Police were called to the Hotel by management who spotted the Bellboy, Khun Rangsiman aged 28, on security cameras after the occupier of the room, Khun Rak aged 38, reported the loss of the ATM card from her room. The suspect confessed to the theft after he was confronted by Security Guards who initially detained the man pending the arrival of Police who also checked cameras at a nearby Family Mart Convenience Store which clearly showed him withdrawing money moments after he was seen leaving the Hotel room. 

  • tom

    how did he get her pin number.Did she write it on the back of the card?

  • chang beea

    How did he get the pin code for withdrawing money?

  • kevin

    How dumb is this lad? If he actually worked in this Hotel,did he not know of c.c.t.v.?both in the hotel and at the atm?
    g/friend must be impressed.

  • Khiaao

    Thats what i like to know, he must have followed her one day and watched her at the ATM machone

  • jonny

    Yes how did he get pin?Again another top notch piece of investigation journalism.

  • soi-boy

    is that the citin loft sign i see in picture one

  • Lazar

    Lucky guess on the pin number


    Oh dear there goes his 500 Baht a day job.

  • fw

    Since when is this punished in Pattaya? I thought hotel employees received bonuses for ripping off the guests. Perhaps because the guest is Thai, there will be no bonuses issued.

  • frankie thunder

    yes i believe he’s a thief !!!! and you guys are right how did he get her pin number ????????????????????/

  • Martin

    Maybe he used the hotel cctv to get the pin

  • gwats

    Pin numbers are hard to guess…. unless it was given to him for ‘services rendered’ with the understanding the card would be reported as stolen later. I smell a scam. After all…. “This is Thailand”

  • gwats

    If the card was reported lost or Stolen, the Bank would replenish the account, and the card holder would get to spend that money TWICE. A Woman looking to get her ‘groove on’ and cover her rear with her husband/Boyfriend could play, pay her lover and look like a sweet, innocent thing and get her money back.

  • Peter de Vries

    I give anyone the opportunity to try with my bankcard in three times. But then again many Thais use ‘1234’ …

  • Peter de Vries

    ‘He had successfully guessed her password PIN from her ID card numbers’. Now we know.

  • Observing

    As Peter says he guessed the password based on her ID card numbers (as mentioned on another news website). Sound a bit odd to me but stranger things have happened. Maybe some people are like that with their passwords?

  • gwats

    Honestly, friend, She GAVE the Password to him, for whatever reason. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  • gk

    The Movie Spaceballs. The secret combination is: 0..1..2..3..4..5. Amazing, I have the same number on my luggage locks