Beach Clean-up at Sattahip Navy Base

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A big beach clean-up was organized at the Hartien Beach within the confines of the Sattahip Navy Base on Monday following a barrage of complaints from members of the public who use the beach and are angry at the high levels of refuse along the shoreline. As a result of the poor feedback, recruits from the Air and Coastal Defence Command, a division of the Royal Thai Navy were sent to the beach armed with black refuse bags and began clearing the area of refuse. Random requests for ID are made by Security Checkpoints at the entrance to the Sattahip Base for those wishing to use the beach so if you are travelling from Pattaya it is advisable to take your passport with you to avoid any problems with accessing the beach which we can now report is very clean.

  • BobBitchin

    There is no way any area should look that bad. How could the Navy let this happen? It doesn’t say much for the leadership.