National Lottery Results Sheet warning by Pattaya journalist

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A warning has been given to those who purchase tickets in the Thai National Lottery which occurs every two weeks, to check your tickets carefully as mistakes have been found in results sheets which are sold for 5 Baht each by street vendors, sometimes less than an hour after the results are announced. The last Lottery was announced on 1st September and a friend of a local journalist nearly missed out on 6,000 Baht because of an error on a 5 Baht Lottery result sheet he purchased from a vendor at the Sukhumvit Road intersection with the Central Pattaya Road. The incident was reported to Pattaya Police although a printing error is thought to be the problem and nothing more sinister than that. For those that take part in the Thai National Lottery you can check your results at the official government website


  • adrian

    Can Pattayaone explain why 80 baht pairs of tickets are sold for 100 baht everywhere in Pattaya ? That’s a 20% mark up.Shouldn’t they be sold at the price printed on them. Over the country millions of baht are being overcharged every week. I never buy them now.

  • Jake

    @adrian…can you explain why a farang would buy a ticket on the promise of any thai let alone the thai govt. paying him a single satang?

  • Jim Pattaya

    Actually Adrian that is a 25% mark up.