16 year old Magician reported theft of items from his room in South Pattaya

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A 16 year old Magician reported the theft of items from his room by an 18 year old woman he befriended at a Discotheque on Walking Street, South Pattaya. The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, reported the incident at Pattaya Police Station early on Monday Morning. The boy revealed how he worked at a disco as a magician and became friends with the woman. Their friendship soon developed and on Monday Morning he invited the woman, whose name is not known, back to his room in South Pattaya. The pair made love and then fell asleep. The boy woke up just after 4am and found the woman had gone home and decided to take his laptop computer, mobile phone and some money with her, without asking first. Contact with the woman was not possible as she had turned her phone off. Police have little to go on but will do their best to find the stolen items and arrest the suspected thief.

  • madforit

    Is it leagal for a 16 year old to work in a disco then???

  • harrymcgarry

    also missing a rabbit a dove piece of string some metal rings oh aye and a white glove,now thats magic,she,ll be caught soon

  • wyle

    Makes one wonder what a 16 year old was doing in a disco. You have to be 18 or 20???

  • soi dog

    So he befriended this woman and did not know her name?I think maybe she is a magician too,she made a lot of his stuff disappear….Just like that!

  • TheMagician

    Well, looks to me that his “MAGIC” didn’t work on her. Anyhow, great story of the magician – he invited her on Monday morning for having sex and woke up at 4 am. Must have been a fantastic experience (10 seconds sex and 2 hours sleeping, and than woke up). Buddy, maybe you’ve got the wrong master who taught you the magic tricks ?!?

  • Born to Die

    Give it a few weeks and this dummy will return then its jail time sleep with 1 eye open ..lol

  • startrack king

    she was teaching him the fine art of ‘now you see it, now you don’t’

  • Shergars ghost

    Does anyone want to buy a rabbit……………

  • Joseph

    You have to be at least 18 to work in a disco, or whatever night-venue.
    You have to be at least 20 to visit such a venue.

  • little sexy

    …that’s why his name can’t be revealed because he is 16 years old.

  • soi dog

    From what i remember…when a magician’s stuff disappears it is often stuck up his
    sleeve.i would advise the BIB to check that.