Banglamung police arrest a drug dealer and his suppliers

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At 10.30 on Saturday morning a drug dealer was arrested at his home in Laem Chabang in a combined operation by  Police Colonel  Somnuk and Police Chief Bowalit of the Banglamung district. The dealer, identified as Mr. Nattaphon aged 23, was found in possession of 6 Yabba tablets and 10 grams of Ice. The police then instructed Mr. Nattaphon to contact his supplier on the phone to order more drugs. After a short period, 29 year old Mr. Kanchit arrived at the house and was immediately arrested by the police who were lying in wait. Mr. Kanchit had taken with him 1780 Yabba tablets and 15 g of Ice. He also had a loaded handgun. Mr. Kanchit informed police that his supplier was an inmate named Mr. Topp at the Chonburi Central Prison. He would pay money into Mr. Topp’s bank account and the drugs would then be delivered to a prearranged location. Both men were taken into custody at the Banglamung Police Station and the prison authorities were informed about Mr. Topp. All 3 men can expect to be charged for class 1 drug dealing. Police also impounded the suspects’ car and a pickup, which will be confiscated if they are found to be used for drug dealing.

  • soi-boy

    haha dumb and dumber, did he not think that he was heading for a holiday in beside mr. topp before he squeeled on him, what numb- nuts,

  • Jaap G. Klasema

    I am no expert on guns, but is that a gun which shoots ‘Shot-gun’ rounds ? ? Maybe someone on this forum recognizes this type of firearm ?