Headless corpse of man found floating in the sea off the coast of Sattahip

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On Thursday afternoon close to Moo Island off the coast of Sattahip, the headless corpse of a man was discovered floating face-down in the water. A Sea Rescue Unit was deployed to the area and located the decomposed body, with the assistance of local fishermen who found the body which was recovered and taken back to shore where it was inspected by Police who were unable to determine the name or nationality of the man. No visible signs of injury were found although the man is thought to have been dead for at least 1 week making a clear inspection difficult. The body was taken to the KM 10 Hospital in Sattahip for a post mortem examination. Police suspect he may be a fisherman but will wait for a formal identification before proceeding with the case.


  • Russ

    What the…no visible sign of injury. I think not having a head is a fairly significant sign of injury…

  • Fritz Schtengell

    hmm..a headless corpse floating face down…

  • minesapint

    Apart from having no head and being decomposed, did the sea rescue unit manage to save this chap? was he OK??

  • Rob

    @Fritz Schtengell …… nice one .. LMFAO ;-)

  • Don

    Just has to be suicide.

  • Don

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  • T Williams

    @Russ,@Fritz,@Don,,,,Wow good ones

  • DON

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  • jj

    How about sending in someone to pick up all that trash floating in the water?

  • Thai Dave

    To all of us that walk along the beach daily, be on the lookout for a corpseless head.

  • Pete

    Clearly a case of suicide.

  • Don

    I am happy that your handle is DonDon.

    Appreciate it.