Suspected drug dealer caught by Sattahip Narcotics Unit

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The Sattahip District Narcotics Unit conducted an undercover drug suppression operation on Thursday and were able to arrest a suspected drug dealer. The target of the operation was Khun Sing aged 38 who was a known drug dealer who has been on the team’s Wanted List for some time. There was a moment of drama after an exchange of drugs was made with an undercover officer. The suspect was able to escape on his motorbike but eventually crashed on the Sukhumvit Road close to Soi Sukhumvit 19 in Sattahip District after a high speed chase. The suspect is alleged to have sold 10 Yabba Tablets and when taken to his room a further 10 tablets were found. Khun Sing claimed he had lost a lot of money on football gambling and decided to sell drugs to recoup some of his losses. He is now behind bars on a charge of class 1 drug dealing and his supplier, known as “Jack” aged 28 who is believed to be living somewhere in Pattaya is now being sought.

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