American Private School Teacher accused of sex with minors at his East Pattaya home

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An American Teacher working for a private school in Rayong Province has been arrested in Pattaya, accused of sexually assaulting five boy’s under the age of 15. Officers from the Region 2 Child and Women Protection Unit conducted a raid of a house at the Chockchai Garden 4 Estate in Soi Kao Noi on Saturday Night and arrested Mr. Gregory James Miller aged 48 from Illinois, USA, a teacher at the School in Rayong Province. Officers conducted the raid moments after 5 Children were seen to leave the house. Officers questioned them and one of them claimed he was paid money by Mr. Miller to conduct a sexual act with him. Officers conducted a full search of the house and report finding sexually explicit material featuring Mr. Miller with minors and seized a selection of items, including flash drives and a computer notebook along with a large amount of non-sexual toys for young children to play with. Mr. Miller vehemently denies all allegations brought against him and claims he will prove his innocence in Court.

  • Robert

    @Craig Roach I heard that story too, but she was a 16,000 year old girl from Neptune and the age of consent there is 18,000.

    @Norm your attempt at amature psychology is amusing, and your knowledge of law is laughable. Yes the police gather evidence, but your trial here is by judges who decide of you are guilty or innocent.

  • Norm

    Robert I am positive that I never quoted the law and you are wrong again. It is still initiated by the police and if the police decide to let it get past them….then yes you are correct in falls in the jurisdiction of the Judge. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Judge on the initial investigation of a crime….I don’t know…just saying.

  • Charles E. Smith

    Someone made the comment about better screening of teachers.

    Many teachers who travel to Thailand or Asia don’t have background checks and schools just seem to overlook that issue.

    Also, the back ground checks here in the U.S. only cover convictions not complaints by others about the individual. In California they have the Megans List, which posts sexual offenders picture and a small profile. Yet, Thailand isn’t concerned with that. I don’t know about other countries lists.

  • Malcom


    You have no idea what you are talking about in relation to income.

    There is a huge difference between the income of an unqualified backpacker and a true international school teacher.

    A teacher with eight years experience would have been on at least 120k Thai Baht per month. I’m personally aware of teachers in Bankkok on 70k USD per year.

    Yes running from high living costs and taxes most likely.

  • jobsworth

    Mr. Miller was a teacher at an international school not a language school. He was not an English language teacher but a curriculum teacher. All teachers at accredited international schools, which Garden International School is, have to obtain a teaching license from the MOE. Mr. Miller passed all of the appropriate checks. The Thai government licensed him. The school are not at fault here, it is reported elsewhere that Mr. Miller has no criminal record in the US. If the evidence is there then he will be found guilty and he deserves to go to prison for the rest of his life.

  • Jake

    Ok, Mr. Miller’s guilt or innocence has been beaten like a dead horse here..all the angles covered and waiting for time to sort it out…what of Halfbaked’s mother? What recourse is there under thai law if it indeed turns out she cooked this one up and what of the Region 2 Child and Women Protection Unit. What liability do they have legally? IMHO its as at LEAST as likely as not that the boy’s mother instigated this setup. Is it not just as heinous to use your kid to accuse someone of such a heinous crime???

  • Observing

    Pai since you seem to know more about this case, then I will concede that there are two sides to a story. You just have to remember that crimes against children are in particular despicable, in Thailand no less, so there’s a lot of heated emotions here.

    Guess we’ll wait and see what happens.

  • Norm

    America doesn’t list complaints because while the law actually deems you guilty until you prove yourself innocent, our constitution stops us from being convicted by the public. So a complaint doesn’t mean your guilty and more times than not we find that complaints by women and children usually have a hidden agenda. So, it is important not to list complaints. However, if a child makes a complaint against a parent it will stick on your record and employers have a choice of the type of background search they want. For government jobs it includes complaints valid or not which is totally unfair to innocent people with vindictive wives and children.

  • Stuart

    ” If the evidence is there then he will be found guilty and he deserves to go to prison for the rest of his life.”

    And, if it comes out that it was a fabrication? Should the cops just drop it, as in the case of the US bus driver who committed suicide after the schoolgirls’ (later recanted) accusation of rape? Police then dropped it because ‘enough damage had been done already’. I say manslaughter.

    Or perhaps, if the punishment were to fit the crime, false accuser ‘goes to prison for the rest of her life’. And in some juridictions, punitive (triple) punishment for ‘knowingly false and malicious’ etc. If some were locked up for three lifetimes, others might make sure of their facts before they start accusing.

    – Speaking generally -

  • tim


    70K USD a year in Thailand and a teacher? I don’t think so.$4000 USD a month? No way sir!

    What school? What teachers?

  • Norm

    I totally agree. However I don’t believe there is anything in place that would hold either the mother or the child for falsely accusing someone. This is the same in my country. They feel if they created a law like that it would stop children from coming forward. However, I believe is it is evident that it is a bliantent lie they should be held accountable. No matter what if this guy is not guilty he has already been tried by those in the public that hear only what they want or never go back to hear the rest of the story

  • Norm

    There are several schools offering 70,000baht to 120,000baht a month for qualified teachers with and ED Degree. If you came by your creditals by devine right you wouldn’t know about it… : )

  • tim


    Name one school please.

  • Jim

    I worked as a teacher at an international school in Pattaya for four years. My monthly salary was in excess of 120,000 baht per month after taxes and other deductions. Indeed, there are schools in Bangkok that pay more, NIST, Pattana to name just a couple.

  • Norm

    regent’s pays up to 6000US a month for the right teachers

  • Robert

    @Norm You’re actually right this time Norm, wrongfully accusing someone is called malicious prosecution, but in American, at least, it’s nearly impossible to sue successfully for it. Public policy favors not having people afraid to report crimes. It’s trading one injustice for another.

  • Korninho

    Jim and Norm…… Wake up !
    Stop lying !
    6.000 Dollars a month for working in Pattaya would be a dream come true for the whole world.
    For sure they will not get more than 40 K

  • supervondi

    @tim Call Regents and similar schools and ask about their tuition fees…then you won’t find a 6,000 and up US$ monthly salary for qualified teachers hard to believe :)

  • tim

    I worked as a teacher at a private school in pattaya a few years back. 30,000 THB was the top pay for month for an english teacher.I was also told by many reliable sources Pattaya is pretty much bottom of the pay scale for much of Thailand because there is such a high demand to live there by farang.

    I have a great job in america for the county government requiring licensing and such that doesn’t pay as good as these teaching jobs mentioned.People would die for my job.San Francisco bay area one of the top paying areas in the USA.

    Something just dosen’t add up here guys?

    I have to agree more closely to Korninho but, anything is possible. Thank you all for your input.

  • jobsworth

    We are talking about an International School, not a language school. These teachers are fully qualified and though salaries vary from school to school they are way in excess of the 40K a month. Mr. Millers school for example pays upto 99,000thb a month, plus housing allowance, plus pension support of 9% of the total salary. Other schools in Bangkok teachers take home in excess of 200,000thb a month plus benefits.

  • Stuart

    Getting right off the topic of teachers pay and back to the minor issue – any updates?

  • Norm

    I don’t need to call them, I processed a loan for a teacher there so I know what he was making. In addition to that I already know that it is a very expensive school up to 1mill a year or more depending on your child.

  • Norm

    As I told the other person posting with denial about wages. I processed a loan in which income had to be verified. I know exactly how much he was making because we don’t just take someones word there has to be verified deposits that coninside with pay stubs and in this case he had to file taxes in is country. You would know if you had a Master’s degree in education or if you were a PHD Linguistic Major

  • Norm

    If you are a Licensed teacher then you should be looking at the universities or international schools and applying from the states so that they will pay your airline ticket as well. Your a teacher not a head hunter. I see alot of actual teachers with 30kbaht a month jobs, but it’s not because there aren’t hiring paying jobs out there, it’s because they come here looking for fun not a career.

  • Norm

    Sorry I was just thinking that myself..

  • freddo

    so what about salaries?
    what’s wrong with you?
    it’s like if you were witnessing a car accident and you start discussing the price of gasoline.

  • Norm

    Nop…I was just standing here…didn’t witness a thing…..and you?

  • tim

    I didn’t witness anything either, but the gas prices have sure gone up.

  • craig

    Malcom, it seems you spun up a new Thailand gold rush for teachers. When they arrive licking their chops like rabid carpetbaggers I want to invest in the “company store” and Hotel Coconut Bar.

  • Wookie

    @craig – You wrote: “Wookie, normal grown men do not hang around with young boys and normal grown men are not named Wookie. By chance do you teach school?”

    Yes, normal men do not hang around young boys ON THEIR OWN.

    As for my chosen nickname “Wookie”, I think you’re just grasping at straws trying to debunk my valid arguments with petty pedantry. Have you seriously never seen Star Wars?

    And no, I do not teach school, I haven’t the patience or qualifications. I’m actually a bartender if you must know.

  • supervondi

    Good one, @Wookie

    I think Craig was too old when Star Wars hit the cinemas. Either that or he was busy playing with his Disco Barbie.

    Sheldor is sure to find this appalling.

  • Wookie

    @supervondi – “Sheldor” LOL

    Seriously, things are looking up for Greg in the long term – in the short term, there are challenges… not the least of which are people who believe what is reported by Thai “police” is the gospel truth. Co-conspirators involved WILL be going to jail.

  • Stuart

    Hey Wooks, would appreciate an update (bit more detail, when you can)
    – seems you are close to the action?

  • Norm

    Thanks for the update. If that is true what are the chances of them reporting the story in the bangkok post as well as other forms of print media. This should be front page so this man can frame it above his door step. There is nothing worse then being framed for a crime you didn’t do, and expecially if your a teacher being called out for sexually abusing children. BEST OF LUCK TO THIS MATE.

  • Robert

    Anyone know if he is still in jail or out on bail?

  • Ramidin

    This chap was found in a house with the 9 year old child of a jilted Thai woman. Greg refused to become her lover as she has an English husband who is currently overseas.

    The child was fully clothed and playing on a play station playing computer games in the front room of the house, as he had done for many weeks previously.

    When asked what was going on the kid said ‘nothing’ then after being taken outside with mother and police miraculously he had been molested.

    The ‘couple’ had a huge bust up on the 4th, and he was arrested on the 9th.

    It is alleged the gossip is now that certain persons involved are planning on how to spend their compensation.

    This guy is a highly qualified 48 year old school teacher, is polite and well turned out, has a clean criminal record, and is innocent until proven guilty.

    The Thai police obviously take great glee in publicising their successes, and these are the exactly the same Thai police that in a recent case were found to have paid a witness to say what the police wanted them to say, that he had been abducted and sexually assaulted- only problem was that on the day in question he was not even in Pattaya, and the Court literally dismissed the case and recommended the Prosecutor file charges against the police.

    Lest I be criticised for my comments here, if he were to be found guilty I would be the first one to sharpen the blade.

    Let’s wait to see the outcome.

  • Stuart

    Pardon me for splitting hairs, but don’t you mean proven guilty?


    Verballing ain’t dead yet.

  • craig

    I had almost forgotten about his story. Good to see the teachers union is on the balls.

  • FGM!:)

    Greg Miller Is a threat to young boys all over the world! He shale finally be punished for all of the hurt he has spread Here in the USA, there in Pattaya, and any where else in the world he has molested little boys! People like this man should made an example of! I know this man and he is a monster!!!!!!!!!!!!!