Norwegian Real Estate Agent caught-up in shooting in South Pattaya

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In the early hours of Saturday shots were fired at a luxury SUV driven by a Norwegian resident of Pattaya. Police made their way to the Sukhumvit Road in South Pattaya close to Big C and met Mr. Morten Karres aged 40. Five bullet holes were found along the passenger side of his White Toyota Fortuna and the passenger, Mr. Karres’s girlfriend, Khun Kanitar aged 33 sustained a gun shot wound to her left arm. The couple explained they were on their way home after spending the night at a restaurant located at the Northern end of Pattaya Third Road. A Black Toyota Vigo came up beside them and someone inside the vehicle shot in the direction of Mr. Karres’s vehicle and then drove off in the direction of East Pattaya. The pair work in the Real Estate industry and reside in the Bang Sarae area, just outside of Pattaya. A Court case is currently ongoing with another Real Estate company and Police suspect the shooting relates to that dispute although they cannot be sure for now. The investigation continues.

  • Mike

    The guys sharky hired may have mistaken the identity of the real estate agent.

  • Hal

    Time to hire a BODYGUARD. Don’t pay to wealthy in LOS. Wealthy you might get WHACK!! Good Luck, you were lucky this time.

  • Wally

    Let’s hope the case of Rakfisk in the boot was unharmed.

  • rawlings

    seems just a intimidation warning shots,amoungst real-estate “angels”…booming bussiness they say in Patts…. but so many commercials…(??)

  • Jake

    I love these guys…the high-profile, shaker and movers, luxury vehicle, genuine jeweled watch, high-end euro-style homes,etc.,etc. They are of great value to me and would be quite put out if they knew how so. As long as I fly low-key under the radar of the thugs keeping material possessions and business dealings here in good ol’siam, minimal and/or out of sight the thugs concentrate on them not me. :-)

  • Bob T

    Visit, spend money and leave. The key to happiness in LOS.

  • Tri pod dave

    This day and age to drive around in a luxury SUV and be white in pattaya is like a advertisement to be robbed!! Why do it your not really that rich are you?? If you were then drive around in a Mercedes in say Bevery Hills

  • Observing

    This reminds me of why I do not want to do any sort of business in Thailand. I’d rather live on my retirement fund and savings, do work from my computer, or have a job where I can split the time in Thailand and elsewhere. Too many opportunities to make enemies and whatnot, and they don’t play fair at times there.

  • Bazz

    Jake..What you think the Thai’s are going to jump on a plane to Hicksville USA and kick down your bedroom door and take your computer,LOL.

  • richard

    ooooh,yahhh.anoher Farlang another day
    hahahah,pattaya has got it,the name,no wonder
    the locals are very jeaolous,selfish,and greedy but dont know to make a clean Money
    hahaha,take care guys [white Man]

  • sue

    You wish you could swap lives with this bloke,Jake. .

  • richard

    showing off brings bad guys attempting to do bad actions,take care guys[white]hahaha
    ur surrounded with hungry foxes and wolves
    thats the diffinition of pattaya from 1999.hahah

  • Jake

    “””You wish you could swap lives with this bloke,Jake. “”””

    No effing way…first of all he has a “luxury vehicle” that is full of bullet holes, and must constantly look over his shoulder while at the same time throw his cash at those up in his face with their upturned palms. No thanks, I’m diggin’ it the way I’m doing it.
    @Bazz-hole…what you think you know about me would be akin to a bb rolling around in a boxcar, sort of like your brain in the vast space of your cranium.

  • pete

    You can’t walk in any mall/supermarket, or you almost fall over another new high-rise building condo stand for less then 999,999 baht. Anyway, so they advertise.
    Some make probable nice money,till the real estate bubble explode….In the ’90s they said, the Chinese gonna come in mass, from Hongkong. But they never came.
    Now they hope the Russian gonna buy all those condo’s. But in a few years they also gonna move to other destinations….

  • Ted

    Well Jake old boy you just confirmed what we all suspected,that you were a low budget sex tourist.I don’t think you have seen any action for a long time because you spend all your time online hating,,Jealousy a B-tch Dude.

  • Big Al

    Jake, i doubt anyone would notice or care about an insignificant little man like yourself.judging other on here is as good as it gets for you.

  • materialsman

    Since when has a Toyota Fortuner been considered as a ‘luxury’ SUV? A Prado, Porche Cayenne, or a BMW X5 perhaps, but not a Toyota Fortuner surely.

  • 42nd Street Pete

    Hahaha spot on Bazz, just like most of us you have Jake sussed out! The only one he’s fooling is himself and maybe craig.

  • Khun Muk Muk

    The guy is driving a Toyota and wearing a T-Shirt and just having a crack at making a Buck.You guys are making him out to be some flashy High- SO ..What a bunch of Low Soe’s .

  • eddo

    That’s why i refuse to do business in Thailand, once you’re successful the mafia comes on your doorstep saying you need protection than the police comes saying you need protection from the mafia. Or your (Thai)business partner takes everything over leaving you penny-less(read f++ks you). I can wite a book about it..!!!!

  • Rob

    I’m not sure why some fools on here think a Fortuner is a “luxury” SUV and the guy was showing off … Fortuners are like ***holes, everyone’s got one!

  • Deadhorse

    Being rich is not always the same as being happy. Norwegian rich but he don’t look too happy.

  • Jake

    Thank you one and all for being avid readers of my post, particularly those of you who care enough to post such loving post in response :-)

  • Robert

    No sympathy here, driving a luxury SUV in a Country with a 300Baht daily minimum wage is the height of human ugliness, by his arrogance he was calling attention to himself.
    There is also a reason why Fortuners are called foreskins.

  • Rob

    @Robert …… so if you’re rich and successful you should still be driving around on a motorbike and rickety side car so as not to offend or upset the locals? Wise up man, maybe you should tell that to Tony of Tony’s gym fame or all the other rich Thais who drive around in Ferraris, Porsches Lamborghinis or the like! It’s not only some foreigners who have money, there are a lot of rich Thais around too!

  • Jake

    @Rob…you make a good point with your question. You would have to ask the rich and successful for the answer. Those of us who are only mildly successful by flying under the radar can only offer anecdotal answers.

  • Robert

    @Rob You answered your own comment, what the Thais do is their business but we foreigners are already enough of an irritant to male Thais without calling attention to yourself with a gaudy ride.

  • Pauline (farang lady)

    Pathetic farang men causing more mischief in Pattaya, they should be back home taking care of their off spring not gallivanting around with 20 year old girls thinking they are Robbie Williams more like Robbie Coltrane’s.

  • frankiethunder

    ROBERT– i’ve been coming to thailand over 20 years and this is first time i hear us called “FORESKINS”..thanks for the heads up…but are you sure they were calling all of us that or just you-because you may have some thai enimys…

  • Stuart

    A Toyota Fortuner is not a luxury gaudy 4×4 the delivery blokes at Tesco drive them hardly flaunting your wealth in a delivery car. It is possible to live in Pattaya in a nice house, drive a nice car, without any problems stop with the scaremongering.

  • weasel

    pauline,you have got some chip on your shoulder!

  • Jake

    @Stuart…all relative to what Somchai is comparing it to. If he drives a 10yr old honda wave, then a Fortuner is “luxury vehicle”.

  • Monster Bob

    I seriously doubt the type of vehicle the guy was driving had anything to do with his girlfriend taking a bullet in the arm.

    Some of you have way too much free time on your hands.

  • mike

    Pauline is popping up on some of the comment boards, she is spouting the same old anti western male rubbish, no doubt she has been dumped by her Husband/Boyfriend for a younger slimmer thai model, get over it woman it happens all the time

  • Damo

    @ MB….. Spot on!

  • fishdaemon

    I personally know the guy. 1. He is not in real estate. I dont know where that came from.2. It was most likely mistaken identity or some drug dealers high on meth that shot at him. But that wont make a good story.