Suspected drug courier arrested by Police in South Pattaya

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A suspected class 1 drug dealer was arrested at a Pattaya Police Checkpoint late on Wednesday Night. Khun Supachai aged 22 was stopped on his motorbike in Soi Khopai in South Pattaya and was found to be in possession of 2 bags totalling 28.75g of Crystal Methamphetamine. He later claimed at Pattaya Police Station to have been paid 3,000 Baht to leave the drugs next to a rubbish bin close to Big C in South Pattaya. He was later charged with possession with intent to supply a class 1 drug. Police at the checkpoint also arrested 8 others, all men, who failed urine tests and were charged with class 1 drug consumption offences. 

  • Observing

    Good job.

  • William

    @Observing Taking out small fry is utterly useless if not the start of something big.
    Apart from that everybody knows the war on drugs has been lost a long time ago and only serves in keeping up the black market prices.

  • frankie thunder

    i read so many times storys about drug bust’s..i’d really like to know how much time they get in the monkey house-or do they get off…

  • Wally

    I study for my urine test for 2 or 3 hours everyday.

  • Monster Bob

    Soi Kohpai has always been a trouble spot in Pattaya.

    Good job BIB.