Russian Tourist drowns during boat trip to Lin Island off the coast of Sattahip

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A Russian man died during a boat trip to Islands off the coast of Sattahip on Tuesday afternoon. The boat had been hired by a group of 11 Russian tourists who were being taken to Lin Island and on the way would be given a tour of the smaller Islands in the vicinity. By the time the group had reached their destination, they had been drinking heavily on the boat. They anchored 500 meters off the coast of Lin Island and Mr. Dmitry Klimchenko aged 41 decided he was going to swim to shore. He jumped in and began to swim but soon got into difficulties and went under the water. He was eventually rescued and CPR was attempted without success. According to his wife, Mrs.Svetlana Klimchenko aged 37, her Husband was suffering from a congenital heart disease and this, in combination with the heavy drinking, is expected to have contributed to his death, however a post mortem examination at the Police Forensic Institute in Bangkok will take place while the Russian Embassy in Bangkok assist Mr. Klimchenko’s family with repatriating the body.

  • Rob

    Didn’t anyone tell him that drinking and diving don’t mix!

  • craig

    The group of Russians had been drinking? I find this hard to believe.

  • Jake

    Miss Sweatlana looks so heartbroken or maybe just in a drunk stupor herself.

  • Geoffxx

    very young to have a heart condition RIP

  • Halffilipino/Thai

    A holiday turned tragedy … Long way from home Russian lady without the husband ..

  • Michael

    I only hope that this tragedy can be a lesson to others. Alcohol and swimming are not a great combination and can, as has been the case here, have disastrous consequences.

  • frankie thunder

    the buddy in black dont look like he cares much…

  • david

    More importantly…….

    The Thai National Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation issued a tsunami warning for six provinces along the country’s western coast, including the popular tourist destinations of Phuket, Krabi and Phang-Nga. The warning was later downgraded to monitoring status only, indicating there is no significant tsunami threat to Thailand.

  • iqbal

    i am very sad .i suggest all torist taht plese not take risk of life. you go for see thailand not for drink

  • Observing

    Only 41 and already congenital heart disease. Sad, R.I.P.

  • Monster Bob

    They should translate these headlines into Russian. Might prevent it from happening again, might not.

  • Hal

    Drinking Alcohol and Swimming only different from drinking and drivingonly harm himself. RIP!!

  • Talksin

    500m pretty long distance to swim. He must have been confident in his swimming ability. Every boat tour Ive been in Thailand on would not allow such bad judgement & recklessness. Maybe crew was drunk too.

  • Rob

    @Talksin … when you’re drunk you’re confident at anything, the problem being, your physical capabilities fall far short of your confidence levels!

  • donaus

    she looks totally unaffected

  • gwats

    This guy went out the way he lived…. on a dare. Not really a bad way to go.

  • craig

    Rob, “when you’re drunk you’re confident at anything”
    Are you sure? I hire long time girls to help me in and remove my clothes when I wake up on the floor in the doorway to my room.
    I thought this was normal, my bad.

  • Robert

    Craig, that is not drunkness, it is Near Death Experience.