Tourist Police arrest suspected drug dealer on Pattaya Beach

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A suspected class 5 drug dealer was arrested by Tourist Police based on Walking Street on Monday Night. A group of officers and Tourist Police Volunteers were on routine patrol along the southern section of Pattaya Beach when they came across a Thai man, Khun Sangouansit aged 43 who appeared to be preparing to run away. The man was detained and searched which uncovered a block of the class 5 drug Marijuana which the suspect claimed he intended to sell to foreign tourists. He had purchased the block for 200 Baht and intended to sell it to a tourist for 1,000 Baht. The suspected dealer was taken to Pattaya Police Station where he was charged and locked-up pending a Court appearance.

  • JackisBack

    I’m trying to picture in my mind what a drug dealer looks like when preparing to run away ?

  • Deadhorse

    He clench his buttocks very tight to prevent contraband seeing light of day.

  • Don

    hardly worth it and what a waste. in oz the cops would have just took it off him and said have a nice day.

  • frankie thunder

    put him in the pokky….

  • soi dog

    When a drug dealer is preparing to run away..,MP3 plugs in? check nikes laced
    up?check,bandanna in position? check,sunglasses on top of head?check posey little bottle of water to hand?check.gormless superior expression on face ? check……drug dealer and idiot jogger same same.

  • SongSomSoda

    Because of this little bit ganja he ran away? He should`ve eaten it while running away (btw why was he even running away?)